Application Processing Guidelines

It is our policy to contact and evaluate not only the credit references provided but also to gather and review employment, income, rental history and criminal records of every adult applicant. The following are guidelines used by T.R. Lawing Realty, Inc. to interpret the information obtained on each applicant.

Social Security Number

  • Each adult applicant must present evidence of a valid Social Security Number. This usually takes the form of a government issued identification card but payroll stubs will also be considered.

Employment and Income

  • Applicants must have verifiable monthly income from a local employer equal to or greater than three times (3x) the monthly rental rate.
  • Any non-employment and/or passive income must be guaranteed for the term of the lease by the government agency or payer.

Rental History

  • Applicants must have a history of satisfactory rent payments and occupancy with all previous landlords.
  • Applicants must have given sufficient notice-to-vacate at their last address.
  • Judgments and evictions from any previous landlord are considered bad credit.

Credit References

  • T. R. Lawing Realty purchases an infile credit report on every adult applicant. We require proof of good credit from everyone.
  • Applicants must have two or more acceptable credit ratings or references, within the last 3 years.
  • The bottom of this webpage further explains credit ratings and our policy toward large unpaid medical bills, defaulted student loans, bankruptcies, repossessions and judgments appearing on public records.

Criminal History

  • Felony convictions within the last 10 years, particularly terrorism-, arson-, prostitution-, sex-, weapons-and/or cruelty to animals-related offenses as well as crimes against a person or property will be considered individually on such factors as to the type of crime and length of time since conviction
  • Felony convictions involving the manufacture or distribution of drugs will result in a denial.

Marital Status

  • Married couples must be able to prove they are married. Generally, two photo ID’s (such as driver’s licenses) with the same last name are sufficient. An alternative is to present a Marriage Certificate.
  • The combined income of married couples will be considered to meet the income requirement (i.e., 3 times the monthly rental rate)
  • The income of unmarried singles will not be combined and each single must qualify individually to meet the income requirement (i.e., 3 times the monthly rental rate)
  • In respect to the U.S. Supreme Court decision of June 2015 legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide:
    • If the roommates/partners/applicants are unmarried, their applications are submitted as Co-Applicants and each person pays an individual $35 application fee.
      • A separate background check is processed on each applicant.
    • If the roommates/partners/applicants are married, their application is submitted as Married Spouses and the couple pays a single $45 application fee.
      • A combined background check is processed on the married couple.
    • Roommates/partners/applicants with the same legal last name are assumed to be married to each other without any further proof.
    • Roommates/partners/applicants with different last names but who claim to be married are asked to provide their marriage license.
      • A marriage license from any state will be acceptable.

Final Decision

  • All applications, including all credit, employment, income, rental history and criminal background information gathered must be submitted to a Property Manager or agent before a lease is signed.

Any unusual questions dealing with credit references, employment, income and/or rental history should be dealt with by the Property Manager assigned to the specific rental property.

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