Don’t take our word for it!  Here are some things our owners and tenants have to say:

I wanted to thank you for working with us in the last year and a half. We had a really good experience and would rent from TR Lawing again if need be.

It has been a pleasure working with your company. You’ve been great. If we are unable to sell our home in a reasonable time frame, we will contact you to lease it again. But hopefully it will sell. Thank you for all of your assistance. Please let me know if you need any further information.

“Hi Joe, Thank you for sending the referral and the deposit. As you know, I own a property management company also. I just wanted to let you know that I think your company is very well run, and I have learned a few things from how you do business which I am incorporating into my business. You guys are good, and it was a pleasure renting from TR Lawing. I will refer to you anyone which I am not able to help in my own business. Thanks again!”

“Hello Mr. Thad Gantt, The former tenants moved out on the Aug 31st and my nephew took possession of the property. He has the keys. We Thank You very much for the wonderful services you and TR Lawing gave us. Please contact us with any additional questions or info you may need. Warmest Regards,” — Maria

“Thanks again for being such an amazing agent. We would love to work with you again when it’s time to purchase our next home.”  — Akilah​ 

“Please be advised that this request was submitted yesterday and the technician arrived to day 1100 am to handle the problem. This is truly the epitome of efficiency and it is my intent to express my  Satisfaction…… GOOD JOB GUYS WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

A year ago I rented a house from TR Lawing Realty, but was hesitant to do so. After a few months I posted the following comment and have a follow-up comment at the bottom: I’m a Charlotte native and have always heard not to rent from T. R. Lawing Realty. The word around town was that the company didn’t like to fix anything and never gave back deposits. Recently, even though it upset me to do it, I had to finally rent from T. R. Lawing because there wasn’t anything available at the time that would work for me except one of your properties. Now amazingly, it’s been almost seven months since I moved in and everyone at the company has always been so nice and helpful. You couldn’t ask for your employees to be any more pleasant and accommodating. And, if anything needed fixing, it has only been a few days at maximum for someone to take care of it. Cynthia, Dianna, Yvonne, Tom, David, are some of the names that have given outstanding service but there are more whose names I don’t know. I’m spreading my good experience to others and want to thank all of the employees who have assisted me. It has been greatly appreciated.
I recently moved out of that house and upon vacating the house, I followed the terms of the lease and within two and half weeks received my rental deposit in full with no deductions. Never once did the company not fix anything they were asked to repair and did so quickly. The employees treated me in a very friendly, helpful manner and made me feel like a valued customer. I would not hesitate to rent from TR Lawing again and highly recommend them for any rental needs.” Margaret

“I wanted to send a huge compliment to Estelle Jenkins who has been an outstanding example of an employee going above and beyond to help a customer. ..Estelle was always available for any questions I had through the process and never did we feel that we were not taken care of. Just to give you an example her child was sick on one of the days we were working out the details and even through that she was responding to emails. Most employees would have just let it go until they came back to the office but she was on top of everything the whole time. What a great addition she makes to your team and I hope that she gets the recognition she so truly deserves. If you need any more information on how wonderful she is you are more then welcome to call me any time….. She needs a RAISE! :) Thank you again for employing such a sweet person.”Erika

“You have a GREAT property management staff. I’ve dealt with a leasing agent who was awesome and went out of her way for me, accounts payable person who informed me of a problem which I fixed and the maintenance staff. All have return inquiries usually same day. Your staff is definitely an asset for your company and making me want to recommend the firm.” — Susan

“Y’all have been great with getting back to me with my various concerns.  If we
were to move back to Charlotte we will look up T.R. Lawing to find a place to

“I really enjoy living here, ive been here for 10 yrs and really wouldnt want to move any where else, the maintanace people are very good when ever i request that something be fixed it is done on a timely manner and they are very profesional”Olga

“I personally think TR Lawing is a great company to rent from, and will continue to rent this house if the rent does not increase.” — Tammy

“Dear Bridgette, Thank you for this reminder. I have already been sent new card and will update ASAP. I appreciate you taking the time to inform me of expired card.  I would not have remembered and you know how I hate to be late. It is things like this that I will pass on to how well you take care of your renters. Thank you again”.Cindy

“The maintenance staff has been kind, courteous, and resourceful! Dottie stayed on top of things and kept us apprised of issues, and she responded quickly to problems.”Michael

Mr. Rempson I felt the need to share with you my experience with Ms. Griffin.  We leased a TR Lawing home last year June 2012 and have never lacked the support of this maintenance representative.  In each experience the recovery time was quick and professional.  Although she has often offered to call me or I call her I haven’t had too.  Her email response time is amazing.  I know this isn’t a small company so for her to move quickly on our request is exceptional work.  Thus, I can imagine what she is doing for others.

We’ve had some poor representation w/outside contractors assigned through TR Lawing before (e.g., washer/dryer service, carpet not fully extended throughout the dining room area) however, Debbie has moved expeditiously to get our needs taken care of.  As you can see I am an advocate of genuine customer service and follow through and Debbie is always spot on!  Whether it was a break down in communication, no shows, or poor service she made sure TR Lawing was represented well. 
 This recession hit my family hard especially with my husband now on dialysis.  We have been taking things one day at a time to stay on top of our commitments financially, therefore the little things that brings you peace is heightened. This home we’re in right now brings us that peace.  I can not speak for anyone else but I have been pleased with Debbie, as well as our Property Mgr Ms. Sallie Myrick (she gave us a new start).  If you can or have a program that recognizes your employees please consider people like Debbie.  It is employees like her that make our experience with TR Lawing memorable.
 P.S. If you ever watch the reality shows check out  “Undercover Boss”.  If you were in that position you too would agree that she is an asset to the company!!!!!”                       — Stephanie

“Dear Mr. Lawing, I’m a Charlotte native and have always heard not to rent from T. R. Lawing Realty. The word around town was that the company didn’t like to fix anything and never gave back deposits. Recently, even though it upset me to do it, I had to finally rent from T. R. Lawing because there wasn’t anything available at the time that would work for me except one of your properties. Now amazingly, it’s been almost seven months since I moved in and everyone at the company has always been so nice and helpful. You couldn’t ask for your employees to be any more pleasant and accommodating. And, if anything needed fixing, it has only been a few days at maximum for someone to take care of it. Cynthia, Dianna, Yvonne, Tom, David, are some of the names that have given outstanding service but there are more whose names I don’t know. I’m spreading my good experience to others and want to thank all of your employees who have assisted me. It has been greatly appreciated.” —  Margaret

“Have always had fast responses. Great help when I had a washer machine problem of flooding. Fast help and handled everything very proffesionally. Hot water tanks pilot went out. Needed a new coil. Fast service. Fixed quickly and was able to have a hot shower again! Very satisfied.” — Thomas

“The grounds are well-maintained, all good experiences with staff,  feel very safe here; great location.” — Alan

“I would like to take a moment to inform you of the pleasure that I had working with Estelle Jenkins. She provided exceptional customer service, which is very rare these days. Her professionalism was excellent and my total experience with the process was great, A+.  She is truly an asset to your organization. I will surely recommend your services to my friends.” —  Glenda

“I had a tree fall on my house & the persistence of the maintenance department in repairing the damage has paid off.  I am appreciative of your assistance & wanted to be sure to thank you for your diligence in assisting me with getting the repairs completed.”Jodie

“Thank you for checking. I am glad to hear all is well with the condo.
I have to share this with you. When I moved back to NC in 1987, my husband, son and I rented a house from T.R. Lawing and now 25 years later I am doing business with your company again. Both experiences have been efficient and pleasant.” Diane

“Thad and TR Lawing have been a pleasure to have as our property managers for over two years now. Always prompt, professional and your monthly statements are very clear and complete. I’m sure your experience will be the same.”Michael and Linda

“…I have received continuous positive feedback from my tenants about Brenda Armstrong. Especially my last tenant raved on and on about his positive experience with Brenda.  I too have had great experience with Brenda. When she first started managing my property, I was going through a tough time at work, etc and I was hardly a pleasure to work with.  Even then, Brenda was professional and classy in her approach to deal with my needs during my moody moments.  I am sure you already know that Brenda is quite a catch; however, I felt after this recent rave review of my last tenant, I felt responsible to pass along the great feedback.” Eura

“I am always impressed with how quickly my questions/requests are answered.  Bob Lawing was my property manager for many years, and his management of my small business was always exceptional.  I think he would be proud to know that his high standards remain in place.”Robert

“I have had a wonderful experience with TR Lawing.  Everyone that I have come in contact with, whether it be through email or in person, has been so gracious and helpful.  Whenever we have a problem, it is taken care of immediately.  David Kennedy has been our contact person and I can’t say enough good about him.  He is quick to respond with any questions or concerns I might have.  My husband and I have told many people about TR Lawing and the wonderful quality of service.  Thank you so much!!” Lynn & John

“My name is Kai and I have recently rented a property with your company  and would like to share my experience. I am sure you are inundated with many problems that may escalate to your office, but I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on a superior company with superior customer service. There are two people
that I would like to personally recognize as exemplary employees who should be recognized for their outstanding work. They are David Cunningham and Cynthia Brownlee. David was my first contact with TR Lawing and he was professional, knowledgeable and timely with handling my questions and lease agreement. At any moment that I called or stopped by the office to handle business he made himself available and gave me exactly what I needed. I moved into the property on February 1,2008 and made sure that I put David’s contact number in my cell phone for fear that I should deal only with him because I knew that he would take great care of my concerns. Soon after moving in, I had a few maintenance requests and contacted that department. Cynthia Brownlee was the representative who handled my concerns. She quickly offered her support and guaranteed resolution everytime. She has gone above and beyond to meet my needs. There has not been one request that I have had since moving in that she has not followed up with. She returns my calls timely and has been extremely professional and courteous every time we have spoken. I am so happy with my new
home and I am even happier knowing that I have done business with such a fine company. I own a business of my own and expect quality customer service and in this day and age as you know we don’t always get it. Since dealing with David and Cynthia it restores my faith in knowing that people really do take pride in their work and they obviously are happy to be working for your family business. Thank you so much and I hope you find great pleasure in knowing you are well represented.”

“I think David Kennedy has done an excellent job for me with both of my properties listed with your company. I own three other Charlotte properties with a business associate and within the next 8 months their current lease end. I plan on listing all three properties with David and TRLawing. Hats off to you and your organization.”  — Brock

“I had to go to the Birkdale office to pick up keys to show a home and I have to say Estelle Jenkins is a true professional! She was friendly and very helpful to me. She gave me 2 applications, explained the procedure for rental applicants plus suggested another home for us to view. She is definitely a wonderful asset to your company. I appreciate her help.”Christine

“We just wanted to take the time out to let you know we have been working with Shannon in your Huntersville office looking for a rental property. She has been extrememly helpful. It is not often you find
someone like Shannon who really listens and tries to go out of her way to help you find just what you are looking for.  She is a gem and we hope you appreciate her. We will reccommend your office to others I may
meet who are looking to rent or buy a home.”
Patricia and Delores

“My husband, Mike, and I wanted to let you know how professional and polite the two gentleman that came to our house. One was Todd who came to fix the A/C and the other gentleman’s name I can not remember, but he came to paint the mail box, They were very nice and respectful of the home.”Kelly and Mike

“Being in the service industry myself I feel it is very important to recognize when Excellent Customer Service is provided. First, Joe Rempson was very helpful and responsive to any needs I had during a recent 7 month stay at one of the properties he manages. Second Kim Hatchell is “the model” for what customer service is all about and without being to sarcastic I think she could teach many others about this topic. From the first time I took out keys to look at properties pnor
to choosing one to the monthly visits to the office to pay my rent she was fantastic with a great memory allowing her to say “Hi Dean” on each visit. Just thought you would like to know how your staff is representing your company and your name.”

Renee doing an awesome job getting right on this problem. As I told her, it was not my idea to install a sprinkler system. Those stupid things always get broken.  Anyway, I really appreciate that she’s doing quick follow-up. I appreciate that.”Rita

“I am extremely complimentary of the customer service that I received from Yvonne. I don’t know how much you pay her, but she’s worth every penny and more!  Thanks.”Erica

“I am writing let you know how magnificent Sallie Myrick is. I was very fortunate to get her as my property manager. When I had to select
the lightings, kitchen accessories, and other amenities for my home last year, I was at a loss. I decided to call Sallie. She immediately called me right back and walked me through the process. Needless to say, I was astonished by her fabulous service! I decided to purchase our second home in Charlotte. Again, Sallie helped me in picking out the amenities for my home. Personally, purchasing a home is big investment and it very comforting to know that Sallie is willing to go above and beyond to help her clients. I already asked Sallie if she would be my property manager for my second home as well. When I thanked Sallie, she simply answered, ‘Just doing my job”.  Sir, you definitely have a star at your company. Thank you so much for your time.”

“You all have managed my condo for about 3 years now and know that as a leasing agency, you are fantastic to deal with.

Michael Nunez did a wonderful job for us as our real estate agent. He managed all the normal real estate activities completely and professionally but in addition he handled many extra duties for us. We don’t live in Charlotte so we needed help with repairs, appointments, utilities, issues with the homeowners, etc. He was always quick to step in and take control. Our closing was particularly long and messy. He responded to each problem promptly and aggressively. We recommend Mike wholeheartedly. You will be pleased.”Vicki and Hal

“Great. Thanks so much. Is there a survey or anything we can do? Y’all have been great to work with and I’d like to give you and TR Lawing credit for that. (Especially after the fiasco of a time we had with the company who initially held our lease).”Gretchen

“Please know that Genetta went above and beyond what I asked of her. She noted the discrepancy and without request or delay she contacted Tony from Rapid Rooter who confirmed her email to be accurate and explained the distinction between the discrepancy in his invoice notes that was alluded to by the insurance company. I have conveyed the feedback to Allstate Insurance. Genetta and Tony’s input was timely and most helpful.” David

“Thank you Jennifer for the further clarification. I appreciate you forwarding information on this property, that location may work for the client who was so upset about missing the other. I’ll forward to her today. Of all the rental companies out there, yours is by far the most professional and the one I prefer to show.  Thanks again for the clarification.” Bridget, Cottingham Chalk Hayes Realtors

Sherry handles so many special request for me in a positive and timely manner.  I don’t know how she does it considering I’m not the only one whose requesting special things of her!!!  I am very appreciative every day for everything she does to help make my job/life easier.”Barry

“Good morning Todd. I want you to know that everything I wrote, I sincerely felt in my heart. This has been the BEST moving experience I’ve had out of all of my moves and it has been mainly because of you. I’ve interacted on a minimal level with about 4 other people in your office who have been very helpful as well. I applaud TR Lawing in the handling of its customers. Maintenance was so helpful to me yesterday, sending someone out promptly when I couldn’t get my electric working. It was something with the breaker box outside (I just didn’t know what to do with it). Mark, the maintenance guy came right out, and not only showed me how to work the breakers but he went through the ENTIRE house with me, checked all the light switches, burners on the stove, dishwasher, told me how to hook up the washer dryer, showed me the main water valve, checked all the fire alarms, checked the front and back porch lights, EVERYTHING. I really needed that because he showed me things I didn’t know. Being a single female with 2 children to take care of, that meant sooo much to me. So I have nothing but wonderful and kind words for you and the entire TR Lawing Team. Please let them know I spoke well of them, Tom, Cynthia, Peggy, Mark and yourself.”  — Lisa

“Thank you so much for recommending Brenda.  Her presentation to the class was perfect and all the students had very positive comments.  I believe it is so important for me as an instructor to have truly qualified folks to address those subjects which are not my areas of expertise.  AND…….we will be “listing” our house with your company as soon as our new house closes.  My husband and I met with Brenda yesterday and we both have total confidence in her abilities.  Take care and see you soon.”Marjorie

Sherry, thank you so much for your careful review of our budget. It’s hard to predict actual costs, especially with such an old building, but I think you’ve done a really nice job with this.”Arabelle

“My wife went by the house today and was astounded at the great the paint job.  Please pass along our thanks to the painters.  Looks wonderful.”Brett

Joe, I want to thank you and your team for 5+ years of top-notch service as our landlord & leasing agent. You made a couple of things happen for us over the years that would have been game-changing events for us had we not had you to help out. Thank you.” — Rick

Bridgette, you’re always helpful and patient. Accounting and computers are not my best part of the day..You make it work for me the way it is supposed to. Like Magic,One button,all done.Thank you. I hope your Boss reads these sometimes…” — Renay

“Wanted to let you know how good it has been to work with David thru these latest issues with the internet and remote offices. He has been a good steward of your interests and kept us focused.” — Bill

Bridgette, it has been very easy to rent from you guys and I do appreciate you stopping this auto draft.  We bought a home or we would still be your customers.  We will definitely refer anyone who asks to your company in the future.” 

“I would just like to take a moment to let management know how wonderful the maintenance person was that came to fix my front door yesterday…this gentleman took the time to solve my problem for me and has probably  cut my utility bills. His name was David. Please take the time to thank him for me. Kindest regards.”Jane

Thad, I have been very impressed with your professionalism and execution on my requests and the tenants requests.  I have never had any worry for two years because of your due diligence in keeping me informed on every matter regarding my property.  I have told several people that TR Lawing is the best property management company around and highly recommend TR Lawing for services.  Thanks for everything! — Emon