By replying ‘Y” to this text message, you agree to the following:
1. To return the key to the office of T.R. Lawing Realty, lnc. within 24 hours of the date and the time the key was issued. The key deposit as shown above will be refunded upon return of the key(s).
2. To use the key for the sole purpose of gaining access to the premises so as to inspect the premises with the regard to the prospective leasing of the premises by the undersigned.
3. lf the key is not returned by the required time, the deposit will be forfeited to T.R. Lawing
Realty, lnc. Furthermore, in such event, the undersigned agrees to pay T. R Lawing Realty, lnc. the cost of rekeying all locks on the premises which can be locked and unlocked by that key.
4. After the premises have been inspected by the undersigned or by anyone else, the undersigned will insure that all persons are off the premises and that all windows and doors on the premises are closed and locked.

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