Frequently Asked Questions

We field lots of questions through emails and phone calls everyday here at T. R. Lawing Realty, Inc. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. For more information on finding the right home for you or if you are seeking property management services, visit our website at



How do I see a vacancy?

  • Every applicant must inspect the specific unit he/she is interested in before submitting a Rental Application.
  • Keys are available weekdays from our office (1445 E. Seventh St., Charlotte).
  • Many keys are also available weekdays from our Lake Norman Office (8936 Northpointe Executive Park Dr, Suite 175, Huntersville)
  • Click here for directions to our office.
  • You will need a Photo ID and a $20 cash deposit for the first 2 keys and $10 for each additional key up to a total of 4 keys.

Do I inspect the unit before submitting an application?

  • Yes.
  • In fact, we do not accept Rental Applications until the applicant has personally inspected the specific unit he/she is interested in.

How much is the Binder and Security Deposit?

  • The Binder is $200
  • The Security Deposit varies by property, rental rate and an applicants creditworthiness. It can vary from $200 to 2 full months rent. Please ask your Leasing Agent about specific vacancies.

What is a Binder?

  • Good faith money posted as part of the Rental Application process. A binder does not hold a property.
  • If accepted, the binder amount is applied to the first month’s rent, although the applicant must deposit the required “security deposit” before taking occupancy.
  • In the event the applicant fails to take possession after the rental application is accepted, the binder is forfeited as liquidated damages.

How long will we ‘hold’ a unit?

  • Within 48 hours of an application being accepted; (1) the lease must be signed; (2) the binder amount will be applied to the first month’s rent; and (3) the remainder of the first full month’s rent must be paid.
  • Once the lease is signed and the remainder of the first full month’s rent is paid, we will ‘hold’ a vacancy for up to 30 days.
  • In the event the applicant falis to take possession after the rental application is accepted, the binder and/or first month’s rent will be forefeited as liquidated damages.

What do I do if I see repairs that I want made?

  • Applicants must personally inspect the property and, as part of the application process, request any repairs they desire.
  • Repair requests approved by T. R. Lawing Realty become mutually Agreed To Contingencies of the Rental Lease, provided there are at least ten (10) working days between agreement and occupancy.
  • The owner reserves the right to seek an increased rental rate if the repairs are estimated to cost more than $200.
  • Any repair request added after submission of the Rental Application may not be completed prior to occupancy and can be accomplished at the convenience of the maintenance personnel.

What is a Contingency Form?

  • A list of repairs requested by the applicant and agreed to by both parties at the time the application is accepted.
  • Click here for “What do I do if I see repairs I want made?”

How long are our leases?

  • Generally, 12 months.
  • Leases revert to month-to-month tenancy at the end of the initial term unless the owner and the resident will agree to a longer term.

What about pets?

  • The owner of each property reserves the right to prohibit or limit the number, size and type of pet allowed at the property.
  • Typically, more than 1 pet or pets that weigh more than 25 pounds are not allowed, even in single-family houses.
  • If the owner and agent agree to a pet, an additional pet deposit and signed Pet Addenda will be required.
  • Our typical pet deposit is $300 of which 50% is refundable if the property is left in good condition.
  • The following dogs are considered vicious and we can NEVER – under any circumstance – agree to allow one of these pets at a property – they are Akita, Chow, Pit Bull a.k.a Staffordshire Terrier, Presa Canario, Rottweiler, Sharpei, and Wolf Hybrids.

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