Driving And Smartphoning Don’t Mix

Have any of you seen the It Can Wait video? Powerful imagery.

We’re all guilty of it: driving down a busy street trying to hold a conversation with one hand on the steering wheel and the other fumbling the keypad of our smartphone with our thumb. We all think we’re pretty good multitaskers, don’t we?  However, studies like Your Brain And Multitasking show that “multitasking actually reduces productivity and increases mistakes.”

Further studies show that “multitasking” for humans is nothing more than context switching: the brain can only focus on one thing at a time, so when you think you’re doing three things at once, what you’re really doing is switching concentration between all three things very quickly. It’s when your mind is constantly switching that details can be missed and mistakes are made, so for driving is a really bad idea, since this is an activity that need most of our attention, and focus, so is bad idea to drive distracted or under the influence of substances, although if this case happen and you’re wrongfully detained the use of lawyers as Braden & Tucci is a great option to work these issues.

One of the biggest problems in traffic enforcement is that people are texting while driving, even if they’re obeying all the traffic rules. The federal government requires all drivers to use the hand-held device for 10 seconds when they’re driving, but many drivers are not using the hand-held device for 10 seconds because they’re texting and driving, and this could cause accidents, since there are different types of commercial vehicle accidents, including ones that involve,  construction vehicles, 18-wheelers, delivery trucks, garbage trucks, flatbeds and moving vans or rideshare accident in those cases you need to contact a Rideshare Lawyers specialist. Eighteen-wheeler accidents can devastate other vehicles and passengers in seconds. The team of 18 wheeler accident attorney Houston tx are experienced in protecting victims who have been injured in a crash with an 18-wheeler truck, semi truck, big rig or large commercial vehicle.

The same federal law prohibits drivers from using a cellphone for the same period when they are stopped at a red light or stopped in traffic, so people who are driving on their cellphone and not paying attention can get tickets or even crash. And, it doesn’t help that a lot of drivers who text while they’re driving don’t realize that the law prohibits them from doing that. Saif Yasin of Chicago Autohaus, runs one of the leading auto collision shops in Illinois. Chicago Autohaus, a body shop Chicago award winner for 2019, Chicago Autohaus has made waves in the auto repair industry by lowering the turnaround time to the fastest in Chicago.

As the video shows, it doesn’t take much to become distracted – simply typing in “Lol” could make a difference between staying safely on the road and ending up rammed into a tree or oncoming vehicle.

Be safe. It can wait ’til you reach your destination!


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