Drip! Drip! Drip!

Most weather forecasters, in the Charlotte, NC area, expect low temperatures this weekend between 17⁰ to 23⁰.    Brrrr!  However, the following tips are great reminders for everyone whether you are a seasoned professional when it comes to winterizing your home or just a fair weather resident.

Low Temperatures = Frozen Pipes!

A few minutes spent winterizing your home nowcan prevent soggy carpets, sagging ceilings, wet clothes, ruined furniture and the inability to take a hot shower.

Here are some tips:

  • Where is your water cut-off valve?
    • Do you know where & how to quickly turn off the water to your unit if a pipe bursts?
      • The cut-off valve is probably in a closet or garage.
      • Check out our DIY video at www.trlawing.com/videosfor easy instructions
  • How about any outside faucets?
    • Disconnect & drain all garden hoses
    • Shut off the pipes to outside faucets, if possible.
    • Wrap or install covers over all outside faucets
  • How about your foundation vents?
    • Close all foundation vents.
    • It saves money on your heating bill too.
  • How about your irrigation system?
    • Drain your irrigation system
    • Turn ‘off’ the irrigation system controller
  • Look Up
    • Are there dead limbs overhanging your car, porch or roof?
    • Move your car?
  • Keep kitchen & bath pipes warm
    • Open the cabinet doors under kitchen and bath sinks to prevent freezing.
    • If shower pipes are on outside walls, leave the shower head dripping on sub-freezing nights.
  • Check all windows
    • Are they closed?     Locked?
  • Check all exterior doors
    • If you can see daylight under a door, place a rolled towel in front of it.
  • Pets
    • Does your pet have adequate shelter, dry bedding, food & water?
  • How about your furnace filter?
    • If you change furnace filters every 90 days, your furnace will run lessand your interior air will be cleaner.
    • Check out our DIY video at www.trlawing/videos for easy instructions.
  • How about your fireplace?
    • If you use your fireplace in the winter, close the doors.
    • If the firebox is cold, close the chimney flue to save heat.
    • Have you changed the batteries in your CO2/Smoke Detector lately?
  • Is your car prepared?
    • Do you have a scraper, blanket, flashlight & snack food in your car?
    • Is your gas tank at least ½ full?   It adds weight and prevents condensation.
  • Will you be out of town?
    • Have someone check your home regularly.



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