Now is the time to prepare and we recommend that you make precautions now.

Please be aware that, because of the extent of damages; loss of electricity, phones and/or internet services; limited resources of our sub-contractors; and other calamities, we may not be able to help you as quickly this weekend as we would like. As was true following Hurricane Hugo in 1989, you may need to be more self-sufficient yourself and more reliant on your neighbors than usual.

Here are a few tips ….

· Prepare an emergency kit
· Get some cash
· Inventory your prescription drugs
· Make plans for any pets
· Fill up your gas tank
· Secure and/or store all yard furniture & toys
· Extend downspouts so water is not dumped next to your home
· Clear nearby storm drains & small creeks
· Keep curb and gutters free of leaves, litter and debris
· Charge all electronics and then turn them off
· Gas pumps, ATMs, refrigerators, overhead lights, TVs, PCs and cellphone     chargers do not work without electricity
· Groceries, drug stores and gas stations may be closed
· Fallen power lines and wet electrical panels can kill you
· Roads may be blocked with fallen trees
· Never drive through flowing water
· Neighborhood block parties are a great way to share refrigerated food

For any flood damages in your property call water cleanup Austin Tx, they will take care of all the damage and leave it perfect for the use right away.

Be Prepared. Be Safe.