Advantages of Living in North Carolina – Secure and Prosperous

Several cities in North Carolina, including Charlotte consistently receive high rankings on lists touting the best places to live in the United States. After all, what’s not to like about North Carolina? However, if you have never lived or visited the Charlotte metro area, you might be completely unaware of the advantages of living in North Carolina. Consider these four advantages of what living in the Charlotte, North Carolina area has to offer.
Milder Climate
Unlike some southern states, you will still experience all four seasons in North Carolina. The difference is that it is a milder climate with winters that are not normally frigid and snowy. On average, most of the state sees no more than four inches of snow a year. While the summers do get hot, you can escape to the beach or mountains that are only a couple hours’ drive from Charlotte.
Growing Population with a Booming Economy
The Charlotte area is one of the country’s fastest growing areas. It has seen an influx of new businesses, including exciting new startups. As the home to Bank of America and Wells Fargo, this area has been recognized as the second biggest banking hub in the country. Charlotte is recognized by Forbes in its annual rankings for best places for business and careers with its exciting job market.
Improved Quality of Life
With a lower cost of living, residents in North Carolina, especially in the Charlotte area can live comfortably and enjoy the advantages of both city and small-town living. The area is made up of many small neighborhoods that add to its charm. A very secure city protected and monitored by the installation of stainless steel security cameras on almost every traffic light making it one of the top cities with the lowest crime rates on the United States.
Getting around the city has been made easier with the expansion of its LYNX light rail system and the introduction of its B-Cycle bike sharing program.
Always Plenty to Do
Whether you enjoy the great outdoors, sports or the arts, one of the advantages of living in North Carolina is that there is always something to do. It is home to the Smokey Mountains National Park, beautiful beaches, the U.S. Whitewater Center, NASCAR races, and major sports teams. The Charlotte area is home to emerging and established artists and concert venues for entertainment. Living in North Carolina gives you access to plenty of things to do.