New For 2017! We Are Going Paperless!

A growing number of our owners receive their monthly statements and payments electronically.  What our owners may not be unaware of is that it takes many elves, a lot of patience and tons of paper to provide each individual owner their monthly statements.

After a long and thoughtful search, we found just the right system to handle our volume of business and during the month of December, we have been progressively implementing this new system and training our staff.

Our new platform is by AvidXchange, a local company with a national presence, and:

  • Is tightly integrated with MRI (our current and long trusted software)
  • Will eliminate the manual coding of 90+% of our invoices, especially from utilities
  • Will eliminate the need to manually scan invoices at the end of each month
    • Each of our owner/clients will receive a custom emessage including links or attachments
  • Will eliminate the need to manually file each entity’s monthly statements
    • Paper files will be maintained only for miscellaneous correspondence, insurance policies, leases, etc.
  • Will add more safeguards, for example, in regards to large invoices and duplicate invoices.
  • Will keep each Property Manager better informed as to the expenses for his/her portfolio.
  • Will expedite payments to all of our vendors.
  • Will provide access to all accounts payable data from all types of devices.

Another reason you can trust your investment to an experienced, local manager with proven abilities, systems, integrity, industry knowledge and management expertise.


Property Management: Who is responsible for lawn care?

Who is responsible for lawn care at rental properties? Some people feel that it’s the responsibility of the tenant while others believe that the owner or property manager should handle the task. Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer about who should be in charge of yard work. The answer typically depends on the situation and the property.

When property management should be responsible:

There are some situations where yard work is clearly the property manager’s responsibility. If the property has multiple units, such as an apartment building or complex, it would be unreasonable to expect tenants to maintain the yard. Most lawn areas are shared spaces, so it would be difficult to allocate lawn care tasks fairly. Plus, having a tidy, uniform lawn area is part of the appeal for apartment complexes and this uniformity would be absent if each tenant did a portion of the work.

The gray area:

Single unit properties can create a gray area about who should be responsible for lawn care. One important issue in solving this quandary are homeowner association rules. If the rental property is located in a neighborhood with an HOA, it’s likely that there are rules that govern lawn maintenance. If the HOA will fine the tenants directly, the landlord may require tenants to handle lawn care. However, if the HOA will fine the property owner for poorly-maintained lawns, the owner would be wise to hire a landscaping company and adjust the rent accordingly. Not only could poorly maintained lawns result in a fine, they attract weeds that drain the moisture from the grass costing property owners hundreds of dollars. Landscaping companies like Taylor Weed Control, specialize in weed control treatments to prevent having to replace dead grass. Also, property managers who are highly particular about the appearance of the yard may want to take control of maintenance instead of relying on tenants.

The bottom line:

Yard care can be a sticky subject for property managers and tenants alike. The bottom line is that tenants and property managers will have to come to an agreement about lawn care prior to signing the written lease. It is quite common for property owners to ask renters to maintain the yard for single family homes, so renters should make sure to read their lease carefully for stipulations about lawn care and ask the property manager for clarification prior to signing. Tenants that will be responsible for lawn care should also ask if they will need to provide their own mower or other equipment because purchasing this equipment will be an added cost that tenants will need to plan for.