Tips for making your Rental feel like your own home

Renting out a temporary home for a while should feel homey to you. There are several ways to accomplish this such as:

Add Your Favorite Aromas into the Air

Aromas help take you back to a place that is comforting and homey feeling. Find candles, air fresheners, diffusers, or oil burners that release a scent into the air that makes your rental feel and smell like home.

Decorate with Photos

Place photos of your love ones and of your special adventures in picture frames and photo décor pieces you love and decorate the interior of the rental with them. Seeing memories provides a sense of love, life and happiness to any space you are trying to make feel like home.

Dress the Bed with Comforting Bedding

Dressing your bed inside your rental with beautiful comforting bedding, designed in the style and colors you love, is a great and simple way to add your own personal touches. This is a sure way to help create a homey feel to a space that will only be yours for a temporary amount of time.

Place Motivational or Inspiring Quotes on the Walls

Placing motivational or inspiring quotes on the walls that mean a lot to you is an outstanding way to make a place that isn’t your own feel like your own. Some of the best home décor pieces to use with quotes on them that are easy to remove from a rental home after you are done living there are wall hanging kinds, wooden block ones you just set on shelves or tables, and easy peel on and off decal kinds that do not peel off paint or wallpaper from thedrywall.

Decorate with Beautiful Vases and Flowers 

You can make any place feel like home by decorating with vases filled with flowers. Simply cut or purchase your favorite flowers, stick them into beautiful vases and set the beautiful flower filled vases on counter tops, nightstands, on tables and anywhere you can to bring a bit of happiness into the space you want to feel like home.

Place Snacks and Foods You Love in the Kitchen 

Nothing says home more than adding your favorite snacks and foods into the kitchen of the rental. Maybe even toss a few fruit bowls out onto the table, or a cookie jar filled with your favorite cookies on top of the counter to within the kitchen.