Should You Avoid Zillow At All Costs?

Recently an article came out in the Huffington Post giving real estate prospects and Realtors a little “Buyers Beware” before you use  site like Zillow, stating that they are “giant traps created as a lead machine for Realtors® (the ones who pay anyway).”   The information on sites like Zillow and Trulia are hard to track, sometimes it is very inaccurate (as information is gathered from multiple other sites that they rely on to be up to date) or it simply has very misleading information.

One of T. R. Lawing Realty’s Property Managers, David Kennedy, had a different take on the use of sites like Zillow.

In my humble opinion, everything in this article encompasses what savvy Realtors® have known all along about Zillow.  Sometimes, Zillow can be accurate, but sometimes their Zestimates can be totally off.  It is up to the professional Realtor® to engage the potential clients who are empowered by the information they have obtained from Zillow and show them how, by using a real estate professional, we can help them navigate through the potentially misleading information that is out there.

So, while I agree with the notion to never recommend using it to find a client or customer, which is essentially what I believe this article is stating, I do embrace this venue as one that many potential clients are using.   Moreover, I would encourage other Realtors® to use Zillow as an opportunity to show how much smarter you are than a revenue-based real estate database that no longer receives a direct feed from even our own Charlotte Multiple Listing Service.  The mention of Zillow by a potential client is the beginning of a real conversation that I feel confident will show them why they need to engage with a professional like me.

David Kennedy



Can you believe it?    Our first preseason game is 2 weeks from this coming Friday …. Panthers vs Patriots, Friday August 26 @ 7:30 pm

The Panthers have made A LOT of improvements to the stadium and changed some of their security procedures.

These improvements include:

  • Stadium Security:  When you arrive at the stadium this year,  you will encounter a new security protocol that is more efficient, less intrusive, and better at distinguishing items that are prohibited from the stadium.  While larger objects including cell phones, cameras, and binoculars remain subject to inspection, advanced walk-through screening devices mean you will no longer have to present keys and pocket change for inspection.
  • WI-FI System:  A new WI-FI system has been installed that doubles the number of access points from 600 to more than 1200.  In tandem with the cellular system that was updated in 2015, the new WI-FI system will make Bank of America Stadium one of the best connected stadiums in the NFL.
  • 500-Level Concourse:  A comprehensive upgrade of the 500-level concourse has resulted in an additional 134 points of sale that will speed up service at concession stands.  We also have enhanced the lighting, added new directional signage, and increased the number of televisions dedicated to game action.
  • Ticket Pricing:  As a result of annual fan surveys, a new pricing structure has been adopted to better reflect the market value of preseason games compared to regular season games.  While the total cost will be the same, you will notice  two-tiered pricing that reflects lower prices.

We at T. R. Lawing Realty, Inc. are so excited to see what this season brings for our Carolina Panthers!  Good luck and have an amazing season!

SOURCE:  Carolina Panthers