Online criminals are targeting the real estate industry and stealing large sums of money from unwary homebuyers. Regardless of the economic climate, arguments can always be made for why small business owners should purchase their commercial properties, although there are people selling and buying homes the right way and they sometimes get accused of criminal charges like this, and is when is necessary a good legal defense like this criminal defense lawyer in Florida which specialize in this. With a steadily growing economy and still historically low interest rates, reasons to buy rather than rent are incredibly compelling right now. I have worked with entrepreneurs and the U.S. Small Business Administration for more than 20 years, helping business owners grow their wealth through the purchase of commercial real estate.Ask any small business owner about the biggest costs of doing business, and most will tell you that it is salaries followed by rent. Yes, inventory and production costs might be more significant, but rent is always a big one. A criminal defense lawyer like those at Philip Kim Law can be a great asset What if you could stop paying rent and start paying yourself?


I have weathered rising and falling interest rates, seen banks pull capital from the markets and trudged through the Great Recession. The past few years have been good to many business owners, but the overall market for commercial real estate acquisition today is as solid as I can remember, but is important to get appropriate legal help for these purchases and sites as offer the right legal help for this. With the rise in the stock market, many investors already need to reallocate their retirement savings, and diversifying into real estate can be a smart play. Purchasing a commercial building that can house your business might be a good match. And while you may still be bullish on the stock market, the only thing we can truly predict about the market is that it will fluctuate. Self-directed individual retirement account (IRA) funds also can be used to purchase commercial real estate, and it is traditionally a solid long-term investment strategy. Buy or sell property at the best rates on Siam Real Estate. By purchasing your commercial property, instead of making your landlord rich, you can build your wealth — and maybe even lower your overall facility costs. Work with Denver Criminal Attorney take comfort that your case will be represented professionally and prepared aggressively for a favorable disposition or a win at trial in Denver and the surrounding suburbs by a team  of lawyers for Perth.

Property management is even more inviting.

  • Never conduct business over unsecured WiFi
  • Change email passwords on a regular basis.
  • Check lawyers that can assists you, view firm website profile here.
  • Use complex passwords with a combination of letters, numbers and special characters
  • Prior to wiring any money, speak with the intended recipient.

Stay Safe!

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Drip! Drip! Drip!

Most weather forecasters, in the Charlotte, NC area, expect low temperatures this weekend between 17⁰ to 23⁰.    Brrrr!  However, the following tips are great reminders for everyone whether you are a seasoned professional when it comes to winterizing your home or just a fair weather resident.

Low Temperatures = Frozen Pipes!

A few minutes spent winterizing your home nowcan prevent soggy carpets, sagging ceilings, wet clothes, ruined furniture and the inability to take a hot shower.

Here are some tips:

  • Where is your water cut-off valve?
    • Do you know where & how to quickly turn off the water to your unit if a pipe bursts?
      • The cut-off valve is probably in a closet or garage.
      • Check out our DIY video at easy instructions
  • How about any outside faucets?
    • Disconnect & drain all garden hoses
    • Shut off the pipes to outside faucets, if possible.
    • Wrap or install covers over all outside faucets
  • How about your foundation vents?
    • Close all foundation vents.
    • It saves money on your heating bill too.
  • How about your irrigation system?
    • Drain your irrigation system
    • Turn ‘off’ the irrigation system controller
  • Look Up
    • Are there dead limbs overhanging your car, porch or roof?
    • Move your car?
  • Keep kitchen & bath pipes warm
    • Open the cabinet doors under kitchen and bath sinks to prevent freezing.
    • If shower pipes are on outside walls, leave the shower head dripping on sub-freezing nights.
  • Check all windows
    • Are they closed?     Locked?
  • Check all exterior doors
    • If you can see daylight under a door, place a rolled towel in front of it.
  • Pets
    • Does your pet have adequate shelter, dry bedding, food & water?
  • How about your furnace filter?
    • If you change furnace filters every 90 days, your furnace will run lessand your interior air will be cleaner.
    • Check out our DIY video at www.trlawing/videos for easy instructions.
  • How about your fireplace?
    • If you use your fireplace in the winter, close the doors.
    • If the firebox is cold, close the chimney flue to save heat.
    • Have you changed the batteries in your CO2/Smoke Detector lately?
  • Is your car prepared?
    • Do you have a scraper, blanket, flashlight & snack food in your car?
    • Is your gas tank at least ½ full?   It adds weight and prevents condensation.
  • Will you be out of town?
    • Have someone check your home regularly.



Your Residential Rental Specialists



Spring Is Coming Early!

T. R. Lawing Realty, Inc. processed 173 rental applications in January or 8.24 applications per day which made it our busiest January ever!

And it looks like the accelerator is still pressed on the floor as 65 potential residents applied in the first 6 days of February or 10.8 per day!

In one case, we have 6 applications for the same 3 bedroom, 2 bath house offered at $950/month.   Sadly, 5 qualified applicants will have to keep looking.

Spring is still 40 days away.

We need more vacancies!     We need a lot more vacancies!We Buy Front

Connect NC

On March 15, we urge every North Carolinian to vote “for” the bond referendum.  The $2 billion package will connect North Carolina to the 21st century through statewide investments in education, parks, safety, recreation, and water and sewer infrastructure without a tax increase.    Visit for more details and please vote “for” the bonds.