3 Ways Professional Property Management Benefits Tenants

Most people know that professional property management is good for property owners, but there are actually some benefits to the prospective tenant as well. Here are three ways that professional property management benefits tenants.

You Can Trust the Home You Rent

Professional property management companies vet tenants before they allow them to move into the homes that they manage. That means that you aren’t going to move into homes that have held a meth lab or other dangerous chemicals. Property mangers prevent problems like mold, termites, rodent or insect infestations as well, which is a possibility when renting from a private individual.

Maintenance & Repair Completed Quickly

Property management companies are tasked with making sure that the homes rentals run smoothly. That means that when maintenance needs to be done, they will be scheduling it right away and following through to make sure that the repair was completed. This is sometimes in stark contrast with a private landlord who may take days or even weeks to get around to a repair.

Great Two-Way Communication

Finally, a property management company provides communication both from the property owner and to the property owner through them. In fact, many property management companies set up websites and send out newsletters so that tenants can know what is going on, be informed in advance of any changes and even schedule maintenance or pay their rent through a web portal. This makes a rental overseen by a professional property manager the best choice for landlords and for renters.


Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

While you have a job to go to, errands to run, friends to see, and family to visit, your pet has one thing to do; stay in your home and hang out with you. Sure, you take the dog outside sometimes, but in general, most of its life is spent in the home. If you love your pet and want it to have a good life (and we’re sure you do!), make sure you make your home more pet friendly. The Charlotte property management experts at TR Lawing love pets of all shapes and sizes, and have compiled these ways to make your home more pet friendly. Make sure to feed them the best dog food to such as blue buffalo if you are wondering what the ingredients are visit Blue Buffalo – YouTube.

Utilize their point of view

As silly as it sounds, getting on all fours and looking at your home via the perspective of your pet can be very revealing. Make sure you remove choking hazards, like window cords or electrical cords that are in reach. Also, move any food or medications that your pet can reach. You will also want to be on the lookout for objects that can act as ladders or ramps for your pet to reach higher, more dangerous spaces, and give them access to things they should not be interacting with.

Make sure windows are secure

Many animals sit near windows in order to get a look at the outside world and keep track of what is going on around your abode. Make sure that windows and screens are secure so that you do not risk them falling out and injuring themselves or running away.

Keep Trash in the Can

Make sure your trashcan is secure and cannot be accessed by your pets. Chicken bones are dangerous for dogs, and of course, there are many human foods that pets should not ingest. Make sure that your trashcan is not easily accessible to your pet.

Make a Space

In order to ensure your pet does not hang out in dangerous areas, like an open dryer, designate a space in your home that counts as theirs. Set up a bed, a water bowl, and some toys and they will love having their own space, just as you will love knowing they have a cozy corner they can call home.

If you are looking for a home that will be a perfect fit for you and your pet, contact the Charlotte property management experts at TR Lawing Realty to find a perfect house for your needs.

Are Rental Properties Good Investments?

As of September 30, median existing home prices were up 6.0% from a year earlier; median rents were up 5.5%; and the home ownership rate of 63.7% was the lowest in more than 20 years.  Because of student debt and delayed household formation, millennials will remain renters longer than their parents did.   How may we help you invest wisely in rental properties?  (Source: U.S. Census Bureau)