Pay By Phone

Did you know that all residents can pay their rent BY PHONE anytime (1st-5th: by personal check / 1st-31st: by credit card).

Pay By Phone is available 24/7 at 866 – 729 – 5327.

The Pay By Phone fee for personal checks is $9.95.   The Pay By Phone fee for credit cards is $9.95 plus 3%.

Residents can also pay their rent at any Walmart, K-Mart and Ace Cash Express store with one of our CashPay cards.

  • Save the cost of money orders and the hassle of driving to our office.
  • Residents can find the nearest CashPay location by calling the same number  (866-729-5327) or online.

How to Build a Simple and Safe Fire Pit

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year. As the leaves begin to change and fall, you find yourself in a golden wonderland where bits of color swirl down around you and dance to the ground. However, it also gets much colder in the fall; especially after dark. That’s why so many people love utilizing a fire pit in their back yard. You can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while staying warm. If you would like to build a simple fire pit in your yard but would like to do so safely, check out these simple steps from the Charlotte property management experts at TR Lawing.

Making a Gravel Fire Pit

One huge advantage to a gravel fire pit is that you don’t need to dig a hole. Digging a hole is tough manual labor and can also cause unseemly damage to your yard. Making a gravel fire pit is safe, easy and does not require a shovel.

1)    Select the right spot: Make sure you find a secluded area that is not near any overhanging vegetation. It also helps to find a flat spot so that you can sit comfortably and create a structurally sound fire pit.

2)    Get gravel: Pick gravel that looks nice in your yard and then spread it out to create your overall fire pit space. Make sure the gravel extends out far beyond the actual size of the fire pit so that you cover up any potentially flammable materials near the fire.

3)    Stack Your Stones: Pick out some stones that are heavy enough to be stacked and remain in place without adhesive. Concrete will work quite nicely in this regard. Then, stack them on top of each other in a circle that encompasses the size of the pit that you would like to build.

4)    Always be careful: You now have a basic fire pit. Be sure to use proper precautions and put the fire out after you are done with it. While having a fire in the backyard is fun, it also comes with risks that you need to be conscious of.

Of course, be sure to contact your Charlotte property management company to make sure that you are allowed to build a fire pit before you actually do so as it may vary on a case by case basis. If you are looking for a home with a yard that will cater to your outdoorsy nature, contact the experts at TR Lawing to find a perfect yard for your home.

Cheap and Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decorations for Your Home

Thanksgiving is always a joyous time of year. You get to see family for the first time in months, you get to eat delicious food, and you finally get a chance to relax after a long year. So why not decorate for Thanksgiving to celebrate a wonderful time of the year. One problem that many people have is that store-bought Thanksgiving decorations can be overpriced; especially since the holiday only comes once a year! Luckily for you, the experts in property management Charlotte residents trust, TR Lawing, are in the Thanksgiving spirit and have come up with the following tips to create cheap and easy DIY Halloween decorations for your home.

Make a Simple Centerpiece

It is simple to make an autumn centerpiece for your dining room table. Simply repurpose any candle holders that you have! Remove the candles and use them to place gourds and small pumpkins on. If you have metallic candle holders, spray paint them black or brown to achieve a color pallet that best represents the fall.

Show What You’re Thankful For

Thanksgiving has its specific name for a reason – it’s a time of year when you should focus on the things that make your life fun and fulfilled. Show off that gratitude with a Thankfulness Tray. Use a tray you have laying around, adorn it with leaves, pumpkins, gourds, or earth tone fabrics, and then provide cards for family and friends to put in the tray. Everyone can list the things they are thankful for, and having a visual representation of all the things you have to be grateful for can be a handy reminder to enjoy your life.

Autumn Wreaths

While Christmas is a time for green and red wreaths, Thanksgiving is a time for wreaths comprised of browns, oranges, and golds. Use a grapevine wreath and then add browned leaves, pine cones, lotus pods, sticks, acorns, corn, and more to achieve a golden brown autumnal wreath to show that your home is in the holiday spirit.

Utilize Lighting

To add even more of a Thanksgiving vibe, you can buy some cheap, plain orange Japanese lanterns. With some simple crafting, you can create some green leaves and a brown stem to make the lanterns look like glowing pumpkins!


How to Set Up Your Own Home Theater

Watching movies at home is always enjoyable. You get to sprawl out on a couch, talk whenever you’d like, pause the movie if you need to – you can even have a three course meal! The problem is, it’s hard to rival the experience of seeing it on the big screen. That is, unless you build your own home theater. The Charlotte property management experts at TR Lawing know a thing or two about awesome homes, so here’s our advice on how to set up a home theater.

Find the perfect space: Ideally, you would have a room that has as few doors as possible to avoid light spilling in – a room without windows is a huge bonus as well. It’s also nice if the room is a bit out of the way so that it does not interrupt what’s going on in the home, or vice versa. You want to also make sure that it’s insulated and has access to cable, internet, etc. You may not have a room in your home that fits all of these criteria, but the more the better.

Invest in surround sound: A home theater is not truly a home theater without surround sound. It enhances the experience and draws you into the world of the film you are watching. To do this, you will likely need a home theater receiver and some knowledge of wiring – or someone that can lend a helping hand!

Use a projector: While a big TV could work, nothing is quite like having a projector. Modern projectors allow you to show a crisp HD picture, and you can either utilize a screen or a white wall to project a much larger image than a TV could ever provide. However, keep in mind that utilizing a projector requires a ceiling high enough to keep it above the heads of the viewers.

Stadium seating: If you really want a home theater, then you need stadium seating. This requires each row to be a bit higher than the one in front of it. You can use sofas or loveseats or the comfy seats for the viewers. To make a row higher, utilize some simple woodworking to build a platform for the seating to rest on. You can learn more here.

If you followed these steps, you have a dark, quiet room with surround sound, a large projection and theater-style seating… which means you’ll never need to go a movie theater again. If you are interested in looking for a home with an existing home theater or a room that would work perfectly as one, contact the Charlotte Property Management experts at TR Lawing!

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