How to Set Up a Productive Home Office Space

Working from home seems like the perfect setup for any worker. You get to be comfortable and wear whatever you want, you don’t have to sit in traffic on a daily commute and you can work on your own timeline without anyone keeping tabs on you over your shoulder. However, working at home does present its own set of problems. At home, it is much easier to become distracted; the dog may need to be let out, the TV is in close proximity and you can always find small tasks to do around the house which lead to procrastination. If you already know what is a class A office space and still want to set up a distraction-free home office, you’ll need to take the following steps

Find Your Fortress of Solitude

Sitting at the kitchen table with your laptop is not the best way to be productive. What you need is a fortress of solitude. Unlike Superman, you don’t need a fancy fortress of solitude in a faraway location. All you need is to find a spot in your home that you can call your own and make distraction-free. You can use a spare bedroom, a corner of your basement, or even a walk-in closet! This way, you have a designated work space that allows you to compartmentalize your work space in your home.

Antisocial Media

One of the biggest issues in today’s day and age is the constant bombardment of notifications and alerts that come from your social media, emails and telephones. When you start your work, turn off any of those media that are unnecessary and you’ll find it much easier to focus and get on a roll.

Let the Light In

One of the more underrated aspects of an office is introducing natural light. Studies have shown that natural light can help reduce your energy consumption, increase productivity and stabilize your mood. If you are in a space that does not allow you to let in natural light, place lamps around the room to create a warm atmosphere that does not rely on flat overhead lighting.

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How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient for Wintertime

Many people love winter and find it to be their favorite time of the year. And why wouldn’t they? Winter is a magical time replete with holiday celebrations and family gatherings. Unfortunately, there is always one downside to the winter months – increased utility bill costs. If you want to make your home greener and save on utility costs you need to adhere to the following 5 tips on how to make your home more energy efficient from the experts in property management Charlotte residents trust, TR Lawing.

  • Drafty windows and doors can waste a ton of energy in your home. What good is a heater if you have leaky windows for the heat to escape out of? The best thing to do is to caulk or weather-strip, but you can also use any type of fabric to block the drafts in your home, in a pinch, and that will help you retain heat.
  • Some people like to crank up the heat and hang out in their living room in a pair of shorts and some flip-flops. While this is comfortable, it is much more energy efficient to be reasonable with the thermostat and be willing to wear a sweater.
  • One simple thing that many forget to do is to change their furnace filters. In fact, furnace filters should be cleaned or replaced once a month; otherwise they increase energy demand by restricting the airflow. Setting a reminder on your physical or digital calendar will help you remember calling experts of fixing furnace filters Toronto on time!
  • If your home is South-facing, open the curtains on your windows during the day. This lets sunlight into your home, which can heat your house naturally. Just make sure you close them at night so they don’t have the opposite effect!

house-warm-fix-300x300By paying attention to these tips provided by specialists of HVAC repair | Maricopa County | Hicken Air, you can reduce utility costs and make your home more energy efficient during the winter months. If you are interested in living in the Charlotte area, contact the experts in property management Charlotte NC residents trust – TR Lawing.

Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Decorations for Your Home

Everyone loves Halloween! It’s a fun time of year when society puts an emphasis on celebration and eccentricities. For ambitious and creative-types, this means it’s an excuse to go wild with decorations. The only problem is that store-bought Halloween decorations can be overpriced – especially if you only use the decorations once a year! The Charlotte Property Management experts at TR Lawing are in the Halloween spirit and have come up with the following 5 tips to create cheap and easy DIY Halloween decorations for your home

Light Your Walkway with Ghastly Lanterns

Saving unused milk cartons will allow you to line your walkway with fun, spooky ghosts! Draw ghastly faces on the cleaned out milk cartons and then fill them with white holiday lights. This will turn your normal walkway venture into a fun walk surrounded by silly ghosts!



The Trees Have Eyes!

You can either use a white beach ball or white poster board for this. If you use poster board, cut into two large circles. Then, draw two large pupils in the middle of each of the beach balls or poster board circles. All you have to do now is hang them up next to each other in the tree and your tree has eyes and is seemingly staring at the neighborhood!

Spider Web Walls

Don’t want to use some of the store-bought spider webs? Make your own! All you need is a roll of grey yarn, some tape and some artistic skill. Tape the yarn to the wall in a spider web pattern. It’s easy to set up, looks great and is much easier to take down than the sticky stuff you find in stores.

Glowing Eyes

Simply cut some creepy eye holes in a toilet paper or paper towel roll and then place a glow stick inside. If you place them outside of your house it will look like they are glowing eyes in your yard!

Why You Should Get to Know Your Neighbors

Part of a warm and friendly community is the connected feeling of knowing your neighbors. In this electronic age, it may seem like the days of dropping in to say hi to neighbors is a thing of the past, yet, it doesn’t have to be. Getting to know your neighbors brings many wonderful benefits.

How many times have your driven past your neighbors’ homes and ordered who they were or what they do? By taking time to chat and get to know your neighbors you help bring a sense of community, peace and cooperation within your neighborhood. A quality Charlotte property management company like TR Lawing understands this and believes that your neighbors are your friends and as such, everyone should get to know each other.TRL Logo