Moving Into Your Charlotte Rental Home with a Pet

Moving always comes with a fair amount of struggles, like finding the right moving company in Ottawa, ON that won’t bang up your mother’s china and getting all of your billing accounts switched to the new address. But one challenge that requires a little extra planning is making sure your pet fares well in the new endeavor. Consider the following tips when choosing a rental and ensuring the move is as smooth as possible on your four-legged, two-winged, or multi-finned companion.

moving-cat-dogThe Pet-Friendly Rental

Did you know that over 70 percent of Americans that rent their homes also have a pet? So if you’re thinking it’ll be a challenge to find a place where the Charlotte property management approves of your pet, know that your household is in the majority!

It’s important to be upfront with your landlord about your pet to foster a good relationship. Have a pet resume ready to hand over to the Charlotte property management. This document should list vaccination information and include references from previous landlords, neighbors, and any obedience trainers.

When searching for housing, keep your pet in mind. If you have a dog, a house with a fenced-in yard or a neighborhood with plenty of safe walking spaces is ideal. If you have an indoor/outdoor cat or one that’s an escape artist, you’ll want to rent a place on a street that isn’t so highly trafficked.

Planning the Move

Depending on your pet and the distance you’ll be moving, you may have to use a pet carrier during the actual move. If so, it’s important to have your pet become familiar with the pet carrier before you begin packing. Don’t force your pet inside, rather keep it open in a corner of your current home and allow your pet to explore it as he or she wishes. Place their favorite toy or blanket inside along with periodic treats.

Moving Day

This will be the most stressful part of the process and your pet will be able to pick-up on your energy. Try to keep the routine as normal as possible and reward your pet with plenty of praise and affection.

Depending on the size and duration of the anticipated move, you may want to board your pet at the veterinarian to prevent anxious escape cases. In this scenario, you simply board before the move and then pick them up en-route to your new rental home.

Tips to Help You Pack Your Moving Truck

While moving into your new home is always exciting, it also means packing and unpacking moving trucks and vans. While it’s never fun, your friendly property management Charlotte, NC friends have a few tips to at least help make that packing a bit easier.

  1. When you begin to load the moving van or truck, think symmetrically. Try and pack equal weight on both sides of the truck, and leave a gap between the sides. This allows you to walk up and down the storage space to inspect boxes and goods.
  2. Be sure to mark each box with the contents and the room it belongs in so when you arrive at the new apartment home you can look at the markings to see where to place the boxes in your new home. This means much less hassle with lost boxes or misplaced goods.
  3. Try and keep the majority of the heavy goods as close to the back of the truck as possible in order to give the vehicle a better center of gravity (and reduced fuel consumption), and if the truck is a lease, make sure you have all the legal subjects covered, with the help of a truck lemon law attorney that are experts managing these kind of business. Place furniture and odd-shaped belongings in the truck first and pack heavier and symmetrical goods around them. Cover upholstered furniture with canvas tarps to keep them clean during the move. Because the Charlotte area is a hot and humid place at certain times, be sure to place desiccants throughout the moving truck storage space, especially on cloth furniture. Descants are the anti-moisture packs found in home goods stores. Property management Charlotte NC offers tips on where to find such supplies.
  4. Take the time to ensure you pack the truck properly so your move is as effortless and smooth as possible. You’ll thank yourself as you settle into that new apartment home!


If you have any questions about finding the perfect next place of residence for you or your family, contact the best experts in property management Charlotte NC has to offer; TR Lawing!

When Does it Make Sense to Rent Out Your Home?

If you have relocated or moved to a new home, but your old home hasn’t sold, renting it out may be a good option. As a rental property, it will provide you with money to pay your mortgage payments on your old home, and possibly even cut down your costs on your new home and give you more about VA home loan calculator.

Before you decide to rent out your home, it’s important to research rental homes in your area to come up with a fair market rental price. Once you determine that renting is a good investment option, consider hiring a company that handles property management Charlotte NC to take care of inquiries, showing the house, lease agreements and rental payments. They can also handle gardening, home repairs and insurance requirements. Working with a professional real estate company will allow you to focus on your new home and free up your time for other responsibilities.

Calculating Your Profit

When you determine a rental price, you’ll want to do some calculations to determine your profit. Figure the yearly rent you will receive, then deduct all of your yearly expenses including your mortgage payments, insurance costs, property taxes, utilities, home repairs, and property management service fees. You should also consider the amount of time the home may not be rented. According to real estate market research, the average national rental vacancy is about 10 percent, so deduct 1.2 months of rent in your calculations for a more accurate profit calculation.

Rental Advantages

  • Rental income can cover some or all of the mortgage payments on your old home, so you don’t have to come up with an additional out-of-pocket mortgage payment each month. If your monthly payments are low, you may even make a profit to help with monthly mortgage payments or expenses on your new home.
  • You may be able to continue to build equity in your old home at the expense of the renter. If you have been paying on your old mortgage for a number of years, a larger amount of each payment is going directly to the principal instead of interest, so every payment is lowering your mortgage obligation.
  • As a landlord, you will gain tax advantages, in addition to the normal yearly deductions of mortgage interest and taxes. These tax advantages that include the cost of repairs, property management Charlotte NC services, and travel expenses related to the rental property can improve your overall financial situation.

If you have any additional questions about when to rent your home, make sure to contact the experts in property management Charlotte NC residents rely on – TR Lawing.


July = A Very Busy Month

Did you know in the month of July….

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How to Choose the Best Charlotte Property Management Company for You

Turning your property over to someone else to manage and tend is a big decision. This decision needs to be made using a calculated and informed methodology. When vetting out property management companies there are several key-points and questions that need to be discussed and asked with the property management team. Use the following as a beginning point to make your plan for hiring a property management company before you turn over the keys to your property and buildings.

One thing to check out prior to signing the contract is just how long has the company been in business; and beyond that, how long have they successfully been handling Charlotte property management. To check this out thoroughly look for Better Business Bureau ratings and look for prior client references. Any worthwhile property management company will turn over a list of client references. Shy away from those companies who balk at the notion of client references, as this is a red flag.

Find out who will be the primary officer in managing your property and buildings. Talk with this person to ascertain how many hours per week he or she will be spending to the running of your property and if they are the one who will be meeting with potential clients to show for potential sales or renters.

As simple as it sounds, ask who will be holding the keys and how they will be secured. This seems easy enough but all too often, the improper handling of the keys can lead to property being compromised or accessed without permission. This is a safety and security issue and one that should not be overlooked when searching for the best property management company.

Ultimately it all comes down to professionalism and how the company reputation holds up upon investigation. Checks the references and get all the details before you sign the contract and you will end up with the best possible property management company for your buildings and real estate.