10 Tips to Keep the House Cool During the Summer

For many people, the summer months come with a great deal of sweat and frustration, not to mention an increase in energy bills. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to stay cool and comfortable, while also keeping your power consumption under control. Here are some handy tips from the property management experts Charlotte NC trusts – TR Lawing!

1. Change air conditioning filters on a regular basis, as even a little dust can affect your system’s efficiency. If your A/C isn’t working call a Santa Rosa heating and air company to come look at it for you.

2. Keep windows and blinds closed during the hottest part of the day.

3. Avoid using large appliances such as clothes dryers and dishwashers during the day, as they tend to let off a great deal of heat and according to Repair Reviews, doing so might cause your machines to break down sooner. Might as well give them a rest.

4. Install ceiling fans in the rooms you occupy most often.

5.  Cook with small appliances such as a crock pot or microwave whenever possible. Use your stove only at night or in the early morning.

6. Plant large trees around your home, particularly on the south side, to provide you with some shade.

7. Keep television sets, lamps, and other electronic devices away from your thermostat. These things generate heat, and may artificially elevate the temperature of a room, causing your unit to run more than necessary.

8. Turn off all unnecessary electrical items, such as computers, lamps and even alarm clocks.

9. Have your duct work inspected for leaks, and seal and insulate as needed to prevent air loss.

10. Avoid using a dehumidifier while your air conditioner is running, as this could actually cause it to work harder to keep your home cool. Instead, look for a unit that performs both functions. Hire someone from ducted air conditioning Brisbane Northside to make sure your unit is running smoothly.

These things are all very simple, but will make a tremendous difference in the way you feel. For any questions you may have about the top property management Charlotte NC has to offer, contact the experts at TR Lawing today! If you will expirience any troubles for finding necessary products for your HVAC got to http://www.bluonenergy.com/freon-replacement/. its-hot

10 Questions to Ask Your Property Management Company

Before you sign any contract with a potential property management firm, be sure to ask several questions to get a proper idea of who they are and what you are dealing with. Doing this is a good way to ensure both parties are on the same page and can saves you tons of time, money and stress down the line. Here are the best 10 questions you can ask, straight from the Charlotte property management experts at TR Lawing Realty.

  1. How many employees are on the company staff who are trained and licensed management professionals and how many of them will be tending to your property? Did all of them passed police check victoria before hiring them?
  2. Is the primary officer of the firm the person who will be overseeing the day to day management of your property?
  3. How long has the company been in business and have they always offered the property management services?
  4. Will the firm provide sample documents to go over to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate company?
  5. How long has the firm’s manager had her/his position and do they expect to be with the company for the duration of the proposed contract?
  6. Is your property within the geographic zone that the firm conducts and runs its services?
  7. What safety protocols are in place for issuing keys to potential buyers and/or renters and is an agent going to oversee the hand off?
  8. How much time will be dedicated, per week, to the management of your property and who will be the primary assigned to the property contract terms?
  9. Are credit checks conducted for potential renters and what are they? Do they follow the legally allowed protocols?
  10. Should the need arise, will the management officer go to court as proxy for me?

This set of questions should not be overlooked when finding your company and agent. Be sure to ask and notate each answer as they are provided. To not do this is to court trouble down the line. If you have any questions or are looking for property management in Charlotte NC, contact us today!


Make the Most Out of Your Lunch Hour

If you could have just one hour to yourself, you know “me” time every single day to do whatever you want, would you take it?  It’s was already available to you, are you interested in learning more?

Your lunch hour is just the “me” time that you have been looking for and you should enjoy it.  Rather than working through your lunch for business, use the time to work for yourself by handling small chores and errands that tend to eat into your evenings and weekends.  Plan your grocery list, pay your bills, plan your weekend or just go for a walk.   Call family or friends, pick out birthday cards, or schedule an appointment.

De-clutter your life with all those little looming things and you will be amazed at how much you can get accomplished and how freeing your free time will become.

Source:  “Making Better Use of Your Lunch Hour”  WorkLife Matters Employee Newsletter