Summer-Inspired Design Ideas for your Home

Decorating Charlotte rental homes for summer can help you and your guests feel refreshed in the summer heat. Bringing in part of the outdoors and using mild colors will help keep your home feeling light and airy.  These design ideas are a great way to update and enjoy entertaining guests during the summer months.

Incorporate Flowers

Big sunflowers and poppies are a great way to make a statement in your Charlotte rental homes.  The designs can be in color or black and white.  Look for bedding, couch pillows, a new picture for the dining room, or make your own creative wall hanging out of recycled products.  Use big flower designs to draw the eyes into a focal point, while your background colors remain muted.

Silky and Clear

Using vases and centerpieces that are clear or contain glass rocks help make the flowers you put in them pop. This glassware can also come in soothing tints of green and blue, perfect for a beach theme.

Getting home glass repair treatments can change to reflect a breezy summer day by using white or see-through colors.  They should be a little longer and flow well.


Using stripes in the bathroom and the bedroom help breakup the room and make it feel fresh and light.  Blue and white stripes are great colors for bedding and towels. If you are looking to completely remodel your bathroom, visit WA Assett and look at their amazing work. Tiny jars of sand and shells or dried flowers are a great way to add summer texture with a strip themed room.

Outdoor Living

Some Charlotte rental homes offer beautiful outdoor living spaces.  Once summer is in the air, changing this space can have the most immediate response from family and guests.  Summer themes are all about lights and lanterns.  If you have a tree in the back yard, lanterns or white lights above a summer dinner table is picture perfect.

Handmade cushions are easy and cheap for outdoor chairs.  Get creative with textured fabrics and pillows.

On the tables fresh daisies and fruit are a great centerpiece.  A table can look like new with yellow place settings and white table linens.

Hanging pots of planted fruits, vegetables and herbs on the patio will give your guests a comforting feeling and fill the air with wonderful summer aromas.
By the way, call Danny Deck today in case you’re thinking about your patio upgrade. You can create a beautiful outdoor entertaining area for parties, special events or to simply enjoy with family and friends and great mood lighting is the critical ingredient for any outdoor entertaining area by Festoon Lighting.

If you are shopping around for Charlotte Summer Homes, contact the experts at TR Lawing!


A Long Hot June

How hot is it?  Charlotte tied 4 record highs last week and is expected to do the same at least twice more this week.   Our actual highs of 95-100⁰ were 12-15⁰ above historic averages and, our forecasted highs this week of 94-99⁰, will be 8-11⁰ above average.   What do highs like this mean?

First, our air-conditioning systems were not designed for these temperatures.  As a rule, central a/c systems can cool by about 20⁰.   If the outside temperature is 95⁰, a well-maintained a/c system with clean filters can cool the inside to about 75⁰.    If you set the thermostat at 72⁰, it will run continuously but never reach 72⁰ until the evening temperature drops to 92⁰ or less. Maybe getting a cooling comforter for hot summer days could help when your A/C doesn’t get your house as cold.

Secondly, the number of HVAC technicians in our area is insufficient for back-to-back record-tying temperatures.    Because of our long-term relationships with multiple HVAC contractors, we dispatched an average 30 HVAC service calls each day last week, but it was physically impossible to get to everyone promptly.   However, many individual homeowners report calling 15 or more HVAC companies before finding anyone who would agree to see them in less than 7 days.

Thirdly, Charlotte’s HVAC equipment suppliers were not stocked for these conditions and simply have run out of some parts.   At least one of our HVAC service companies is buying equipment this weekend directly from a west coast manufacturer and having it shipped to Charlotte.   I never recall an emergency situation where any technician needed to purchase compressors, motors, valves or switches directly from the factory.

Finally, everyone is stressed.   Taking a breath in such heat is especially difficult for the elderly, infirmed, asthmatic and very young.   High temperatures increase fatigue, anxiousness, headaches and dizziness as well as the risk of heat stroke, especially for those who work outdoors such as HVAC technicians.  As hot as it is, no one wants to put anyone in harm’s way.

To those who have suffered through a weekend of no air-conditioning, low appetite, restless sleep and griping kids, we sincerely apologize.   We are working around the clock to address your needs and only ask for your patience and understanding until this emergency situation passes.

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Renter Growth To Explode

According to recent article from the National Association of REALTORS, which generally focuses on home buying, discussed that rental housing is about to explode with growth.

By “2030, the year millennials are to reach (their) peak home buying age, new renters will exceed new home owners by 4 million.”  A newly released report by the Urban Institute estimates that, by 2030, there will be 13 million renters and 9 million home owners.

Elsewhere in the report, the Urban Institute says “Single family homes are shifting to renter occupancy throughout the nation and this trend is likely to continue.”

For more information regarding renter growth, click here to access the article directly.

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6 Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Summer is always a welcome season, and it’s the perfect time to catch up on maintenance around the house to keep your home in tip-top shape for the rest of the year. Here are six important summer maintenance tips to put on your list.

1. Check Your Air Conditioning

Make sure your air conditioning is cooling properly before summer heat arrives (I go for hiring someone to repair my old air conditioner, if required). If you have a central A/C system, install a clean filter and schedule an inspection. For window units, remove debris from the outside component and clean the filters before you turn them on. If you have ceiling fans, clean the blades with a damp cloth or duster.

2. Wash Your Windows

Especially if you have a house window remodeling with dual pane, to make window washing faster and easier, invest in a good squeegee with a long handle. For cleaning, you’ll need a bucket with warm, mild soapy water and a step stool or ladder. You can also use glass cleaner instead of soapy water if you prefer. The squeegee will help to prevent streaks as you clean.

3. Clean Outdoor Grills

For gas grills, turn the heat to high and leave the grill on for 30 minutes with the lid closed. When the grill has cooled down, clean the racks with a grill brush. Clean the exterior with warm water and a gentle cleanser. For charcoal grills, get rid of old charcoal and ashes, then clean the entire grill with hot water and dish washing soap. Let it dry completely.

4. Check for Outdoor Leaks

It’s time to check your outdoor faucets and hoses for leaks with the help of Arizona leak repair service. A small drip in an outdoor faucet can waste water and cost you extra money. You can fix pinhole hose leaks with electrical tape, but cuts, tears and bigger leaks may mean buying a new hose.

5. Primp Your Flowers and Plants

Prune shrubs and deadhead perennials and annuals to keep them blooming throughout the summer. Rake up debris and dead leaves in the yard and flower beds, and then add mulch to help your plants retain moisture during summer heat.

6. Clean Your Front Porch

Create an inviting entrance by cleaning up your front porch. Sweep and wash the porch and front door, replace burned out light bulbs, wipe down furniture, polish door hardware, and put down a cozy welcome mat at the front door for guests.

Note: With any door lock issues contact services from Union Locksmith Las Vegas.

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Crime Prevention for Home Owners Traveling During the Summer Months

Having the time to travel around the country, or even the world, is one of the best parts of summer. But while your entire family is out enjoying the world outside of your neighborhood, it is imperative that you take a few basic steps in order to keep your home and your valuables safe from criminals while you’re away. These three tips from our friend the LocksmithMAN in Winnipeg can help you increase the level of protection your home has well beyond simply locking doors and windows.

Use Timers and Motion Sensors

You can use timers on your televisions to trick would-be burglars into suspecting that someone might still be in the home. Have a television or two turn on as it’s getting dark outside since most burglars will want to operate in the cover of night. You can program the televisions to turn off after an hour or two so you don’t waste tons of electricity when you’re not even at home. Check out these iptv providers to watch your favorite shows and movies.

Use motion detectors for the light fixtures on the outside of your home, such as on your back porch or near your driveway. As soon as someone starts to approach your property, the lights will come on and prevent them from being covered by the nighttime darkness. This increases the chance that a passing police fleet vehicles or a neighbor might spot the criminals.

Suspend Mail Delivery

A tell-tale sign that a home is empty is an overflowing mail box. Contact your mail carrier and suspend delivery for the duration of your trip. If you can’t or don’t want to suspend delivery completely (for instance, if you have an expensive or important package you know is coming), you could ask someone you trust to pick up your mail a few times each week and just hold onto it for you until you return from your trip.

Have Your Home Monitored

Have a few people stop in a couple of times each week to check on the house. These could be trusted neighbors, family members, or friends who live nearby.

Knowing that people are regularly monitoring a home is another deterrent for burglars. They don’t want a confrontation or anyone being able to identify them or contact police while they’re still in your home.

Make also sure that the locks of your house or car are secure with Auto Locksmith West Palm Beach.

Using these tips will help you keep your home safe while you’re away. The less you worry about your home, the more you’ll be able to fully relax and appreciate your well-deserved vacation time!

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New Floor Plans

As a value added service, we are providing measured floor plans with room dimensions for:

  • A vacancy with more than 2500 sq. ft. or
  • A vacancy with more than 2000 sq. ft.  which has remained un-rented for 30 days or more or
  • Sales listings priced at $175,000 or more.

We are very excited to offer this service in conjunction with Home Depot’s Real Estate Floor Plan Service.  Just another way T. R. Lawing Realty, Inc. is  Managing the Details for our property owners.  

If you are looking for a property manager in Charlotte, NC,  trust your investment to an experienced, local manager with proven abilities, systems, integrity, industry knowledge and management expertise.