5 Best Ways to Maintain a Tidy Home

After you have looked through countless homes for rent in Charlotte and find your dream home, you will want to make sure you keep it looking as beautiful as the day you moved in. Regardless of its size, there are several things you can do to keep any home neat, clean and in order. Additional tip on this should be to organize a flat roof insulation for your dream home to make sure its in good condition and doesn’t trap too much heat too.

#1. Declutter

Things are less likely to get out of place when you have fewer things to begin with. Go through your house and purge anything you don’t use on a regular basis, and then make it a point not to accumulate too much stuff in the future. The simple act of purging will come in very handy whenever it’s time to move.

#2. Organize

Once you’ve decluttered your home, you’ll need to organize the stuff you do have left. Develop a place for everything so that nothing is sitting around because there is no location to put it in. Having your belongings well organized makes it more likely that others will pick up behind themselves as well.

#3. Pick up as you go

Rather than letting things pile up, pick them up as you go. Make it a habit to pick up anything you see out of place and take it with you when you are going from one room to the next. That way, you can keep things in place without having to do any extra work whatsoever.

#4. Clean as you go

Not only should you pick up as you go, but you should also clean behind yourself as well. Wipe down the sink and shower when you are finished, and wash dishes (or load them in the dishwasher) as soon as they become dirty. If you have swimming pool you can visit here to get best pool vacuum for manual and automated pool vacuums. Keeping up with these little tasks will prevent your home from getting too dirty, and make you more motivated to keep it neat.

#5. Open mail over a shredder

Junk mail can quickly pile up unless you make it a habit to eliminate it as soon as it comes in. Open your mail over a shredder so you can quickly get rid of what you don’t need. The rest should go into neatly labeled file folders or the trash can immediately.

These are just a few ways you can keep your Charlotte home neat and tidy at all times. Practice these tips and you’ll find keeping your house in order will be much easier to do.

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How To Decide If You Should Rent or Buy

Charlotte NC rental homes have become a highly sought commodity due to the increased pressure of the tech industries moving to the city. Should you be looking for a home in Charlotte, deciding between buying or renting requires a few keen insights.

Employment Duration

It should go without saying, but when making a decision of such magnitude, a full examination of the stability and longevity of your employment is crucial. If there are risks of your job being downsized it pays to look at renting versus buying. Same goes for any situation that may ask you to uproot and move to a new city or area. If the job seems to be in flux, renting is a solid option.

Deposits or Down Payments

There is so much more than the initial purchase or the paying of the first month’s rent. Financial equations need to be run to see the feasibility of purchasing a home or if renting is best. Most home mortgages require at minimum a 20-percent down payment prior to the sale. Add in closing costs, construction for updates or improvements and any other costs and the initial purchase can be daunting. If this is not within your realm of possibilities, crunch rental numbers, but take into account the needed security deposits, last month/first months’ rent and the ongoing rental payments that yield no equity.

Children and Pets

When deciding on a rental home or buying a home, you need to think of more than yourself and your family. Take into consideration the neighbors you will be living next to, or potentially, above or below. If you have a family with small children and pets, think about how much foot traffic and noise these may generate and then look at homes where the noise will be non-intrusive to the neighbors. If you want to rent, look for pet-friendly rentals. Purchasing a home gives some flexibility when considering neighbors and noise issues, and should be taken into thought when making your decision. Within the Charlotte NC rental home markets, there are many pet-friendly options.

Buying a home is stressful but rewarding, yet, renting a home can be freeing of a large financial albatross around the neck. Use the above to help make a sound and educated decision over renting or buying.


Spring-Inspired Design Tips for Your Home

Spring is all about renewal, but sprucing up Charlotte NC rental homes for spring doesn’t have to revolve around spring-cleaning! Go a step further and freshen up your rented home with bright spring colors, decorative concrete and patterns. Use these decorator hints to help you bring nature’s seasonal beauty indoors in a budget-friendly way.


  • Freshen your window treatments. A Tampa shutters company friend suggested to me to add a patterned shade with floral or geometric designs depending on my style, and I liked the idea. Change out any heavy, dark or dour drapes and replace with sheers. These come in white and beige barely-there neutrals or you can choose tone-on-tone stripes or patterns that will filter light attractively and shift with the breeze.
  • Add bright accents and accessories. Bring springtime into the living room with a few bright orange throw pillows or add a brightly colored vase or art object to the coffee table. Such little accents make for the perfect birthday gifts for the coffee drinker, no need to gamble on their discerning taste buds this way and you make their place look that much warmer.
  • Decorate with fruit and flowers. Citrus fruit colors and aromas signal that spring is here, so add a bowl of red or green apples, lemons or limes to the kitchen counter or dining table. Add spring flower bouquets, green plants or use a single bloom in a clear glass vase for a more sophisticated look.
  • Create new wall interest. Purchasing framed art can be expensive–but you can make a DIY statement by framing spring-themed fabric, invitations or drink coasters individually. Choose a bird theme, for instance, and a set of low-cost matching frames. Center and glue each charm or coaster onto matching bright backing or choose different background colors for each. Arrange framed pieces artfully on a living room wall as a set.
  • Brighten the bedroom with spring colors. Continue a citrus theme or add touches of robin’s egg blue with springy comforters, throw rugs or pillows.
  • Punch up the chest of drawers or lamp. Front the drawers (or cover a lampshade) with patterned, striped, bright solid or floral shelf paper, secured with spray adhesive. Consider replacing drawer pulls while you’re at it.
  • Paint something for spring. If it won’t break your Charlotte, NC, home rental agreement, paint one wall or ceiling in tribute to spring. Most ceilings seem loftier in white or cream and/or choose a wall adjacent to or across from a window for a coat of bright spring blue or yellow. A decor object like an old birdcage or floor lamp base can be brightly painted–for smaller shots of color.

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