Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Charlotte enjoys mild winters, but even so, when those first rays of springtime sun and breezes hit the home, it stirs the desire for the annual spring cleaning. Charlotte home rentals are built for the conditions of the southeast, and with a few tips for spring cleaning from Katy cleaning service, you can get yours ready for the bright days of spring and summer.

Mildew and Dampness

With the rain of winter and the humidity of summer, Charlotte homes endure a lot of moisture and precipitation. It is important to inspect air ducts, cooling systems and any other region of the home where mold and mildew grows and accumulates. Use a mild bleach mixture to remove the mold and mildew in a sanitary and safe fashion.

Room by Room

As obvious as it sounds, spring cleaning when it is broken down by room is much more tolerable. Begin with the rooms that have the least traffic and begin with a solid dusting, wiping and polishing of furniture and fixtures, followed by vacuuming. I just had to go to Blue Mountain Vacuum Center, to purchase a new vacuum. Keep this up going room to room.


Kitchen and Mopping

Leave all hardwood and floor mopping until last. Usually this means the kitchen area. Before mopping, do a thorough house cleaning of the kitchen and then begin to mop all the floors. Make sure pets and kids are either partitioned off to outside playing to reduce foot traffic on the floors as you mop.

Leave a few windows partially opened to let the scents and aromas of spring to waft in the Charlotte rental homes and then kick back with a cold drink, enjoy the clean home and watch the kudzu grow.

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Use Vertical Gardens to Incorporate Flora While Saving Space

Small Space and Vertical Gardens

Many urban dwellers find housing to be a tight affair. Should you be an urbanite with limited living space, yet want to maintain a garden, the use of vertical and hanging gardens become perfect options. Save space and build up, not out to make homes for rent in Charlotte a feasible and delightful endeavor.


Herbs, Vegetables

If your thumb and appetite leans to the green side, setting up a series of overlapping hanging planters near a window, potentially in the kitchen, allows you to grow a full herb garden, and even certain vegetables. For hanging garden vegetables consider the hearty vegetables such as squash and nightshades to give the garden a practical as well as aesthetic side.


Hanging gardens are hard when flowers are being grown, but not impossible. For tall flowering plants, look for small spaces near windows for a light source. Grow any number of flowers with upright planters that allow for the proper germination and growth. Some of the better options for the vertical and hanging garden are daisies, daffodils and posies. When you establish a hanging garden, you want to have planters that can be layered, one on top of the other. There are wonderful examples at home and garden stores, and many use a series of chain attachments with small planters to create the overlain nesting effect of the plants. Whatever you tastes for the garden, be it succulents, vegetables, flowers or lush greenery, a small space is no excuse to preclude having that garden, or even one of those decent Sheds Direct units, if you have some backyard space available. Take advantage of the homes for rent Charlotte has to offer and enjoy a vibrant home.

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Vacation Bargains

Summer is fast approaching and vacation season begins.  You can choose a “staycation” if money is tight or you can choose to take advantage of deep discounts abroad for that once in a lifetime trip.

Santorini-Greece-lowTravelers from the US will see 20-30% off prices in Eurozone countries for food, train tickets, shows and more.  European countries that really stand out when it comes to travel bargains are Portugal, Romania, Latvia, Turkey and Greece. Last year, at around the same time, my friend booked a vacation for Greek Island hotels from hostelbay.com at like 40% off.

Don’t want to leave the Western Hemisphere? Canada and some South American destinations like Argentina and Chile are prime travel spots to visit too.

Source:  Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Advisor Newsletter