Cold Weather & The Property Manager

What do property managers do when the temperature drops below freezing for 60+ hours?


Between opening on Friday and closing on Monday, we handled 93 maintenance requests mostly about no heat and frozen or burst pipes.

On Friday, 14 of our residents reported frozen pipes and 2 experienced a burst pipe. 

On Saturday, 9 more of our residents reported frozen pipes including 2 who had to be moved to local hotels.  

In all cases, a plumber and/or water extractor was dispatched to each plumbing problem and, our property managers assisted about a dozen clients in filing insurance claims.

Life is never dull for a property manager and, especially, when the weather turns nasty.

Safety Tips for Space Heaters and Chimineas

Tips from the Experts in Property Management in Charlotte, NC

ChimneaWhen the winter weather hits, tenants turn towards their space heaters and chimineas for additional heat. However, to ensure safety for both the tenants that are using the warmth producing objects, and those living around them, it is extremely important to utilize specific precautions before-hand to avoid accidents, since this could cause injuries and the need of medical attention will be necessary, but for this is always have resources as a medical malpractice attorney to help you in case something odd happen. While we understand the desire to immediately fire these devices up, implementing a few precautions is best for everyone. So, before you toss a few logs into the chiminea or plug in the space heater, make sure to exercise these helpful safety tips ahead of time.

Chiminea Safety Tips:

  • Clean the inside of the chiminea
  • Remove clutter away from the space heater
  • Avoid overusing power outlet
  • Watch what is being used inside the chiminea

Cleaning the Chiminea

Over the course of using an outdoor chiminea, the ash from previous burned material is going to stick to the interior of the object. This includes the smoke stack, lining and everything else on the interior. It is possible, over time, for this ash to actually catch on fire, resulting in the flames traveling up the interior of the chiminea and eventually outside of the smoke stack. This can send flames into undesired locations and put both people and property in harm’s way. To avoid this, the chiminea needs to be cleaned and washed a few times a year.

Remove Clutter from Space Heater

Unfortunately, it is rather easy to accidentally push something against a space heater without paying much mind to it. Due to the excessive heat of the internal heating element, paper and other items can catch fire, which may spread rapidly through the home, which may cause accidents or even injuries, for this having an injury lawyer from sites like could be a good option for this. By removing all clutter and objects from around your space heater, this can be avoided.

Avoid Overusing Power Outlet

Space heaters often use an excessive amount of electricity. If multiple objects are connected through the same power outlet, it can cause electrical problems and even result in sparks. These electrical sparks can result in an electrical fire, which is extremely dangerous.

Watch What is Used Inside the Chiminea

You should only use wood inside of the chiminea. It may seem natural to burn cardboard from boxes and bags in the chiminea, but the cardboard is light and breaks apart, which can result in pieces of flaming cardboard driving out of the smoke stack and possibly catching something nearby on fire.

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We’re on the radio!  We’re on the radio this week!

radioBeginning this week and every-other-week until December, T. R. Lawing Realty will sponsor the Bloomberg Market Minute.  The signal from WBT is broadcast at AM 1110 (WBT),  FM 99.3 (WBT-FM) and live stream at  48,000 listeners stream WBT each month.

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