Before You Deep-Fry Your Turkey…

We’ve seen the commercials. We’ve seen the guy flaunting his high-grade deep-frying acrobatics at tailgating events. We’d had the thoughts: Should I deep-fry my turkey this Thanksgiving?

The answer, my salivating friends, is that if you’ve had the same baked turkey for the past ten years, your taste buds might be in the mood for something “especial.”  What better way to celebrate an American tradition than by dunking a giant bird into a vat of boiling grease?

Take caution, though: this deep-frying feat is not for the culinary faint-of-heart!  You’ll be working with products that can become extremely flammable if handled improperly.  It almost goes without saying that you may want to have a care.

Rule #1, DEEP-FRY YOUR TURKEY OUTSIDE.  If you try this inside your own home, let’s just hope you live next-door to a fire station.

Rule #2, DEEP-FRY ON FLAT SURFACES. The last thing you want is a searing-hot greasefire(and your prized bird) spilling out onto the ground!

Rule #3, MAKE SURE YOUR TURKEY IS THAWED. The water could cause the oils to spillover and a frozen bird is extremely hard to inject seasoning into!

Rule #4, KEEP A FIRE EXTINGUISHER NEARBY. You can never be TOO careful!

Here are some more  Turkey Deep-Frying Safety Tips!

There’s an obvious appeal to the aesthetics of deep-frying: you have a gathering of family, huddled together outside in the brisk November air, laughing it up, sharing an awesome experience as a family, the way Thanksgivings are meant to be spent!     One of our resident deep-fry gourmets reports that the turkey “wasn’t dry, and had a nice, juicy taste.”  He recommends deep-frying two turkeys and preparing several injections of seasonings(many places sell the injectors with premade seasoning packs – Cajun works well!). He suggests injecting all over the turkey to get a great basting! Make sure to inject deep and not under the surface of the skin(this could cause the flesh to bubble out and pop).     There are tons of recipes out there for all your deep-frying flavors, but we recommend this one for that authentic, Louisiana Cajun Style Deep Fry, courtesy of !-Have fun deep frying this Thanksgiving season and don’t forget the cranberry sauce!

5 Reasons That Rental Properties Rock!

There’s no question that home ownership is a big deal for most Americans; and is often considered a rite of passage. Upon closer inspection, however, renting has many benefits that easily outweigh the responsibilities of owning a home – especially for mobile families. That’s why the premier rental property management Charlotte, NC company, T.R. Lawing Realty, Inc, specializes in procuring the ideal rentals for anyone looking to settle in the Charlotte area. In a down economy or for an itinerantA0C78CMC00 family, renting has some decided advantages over buying.

Rent a Home for Peace of Mind


TR Lawing Realty, Inc, has helped military families, itinerant couples and people who simply want to experience the Charlotte, NC area without commitment, rent top of the line homes that fit their lifestyle and vision. The following are among the best attributes of property rental, as compiled from satisfied customers:

  • An often overlooked attribute of renting are the amenities a renter can stumble onto. Obviously, buying a house with a pool raises the value and puts more of a strain on the wallet. Although Charlotte, NC rental properties with pools may be higher to rent, the associated maintenance costs are taken care of by the landlord.
  • Of course, renters are free of the need to pay real estate tax on the property; this is handled by the actual landlord.
  • The lack of overall maintenance costs. Renting a home, as opposed to buying one, places the responsibility for repairs on the original landlord; in a sense, it grants the renter the best attributes of living in a home and an apartment.
  • A renter pays a very modest down payment when compared to a home buyer. In fact, when renting a home, the down payment is rarely more than what can be expected for an apartment – usually, a single month’s rent. Additionally, real estate agents often recommend that cash home buyers in Dearborn, MI save up much more than even the substantial amount required for the down payment, because of unforeseen repairs and maintenance, as well as the need to furnish the new home.
  • The certainty that comes with a lease agreement. The last thing a renter wants to deal with are price fluctuations, which are practically inevitable for homeowners – property tax changes, mortgages rise more often than they fall, etc. Rental property management Charlotte NC ensures that rent prices stay fixed for the term of the lease.