Rental Properties in Charlotte, NC: Things to Consider

When you begin looking for rental properties in Charlotte, NC, there are always a few key things you should keep in mind. Remember that you aren’t just looking for the best looking house that you can find – you’re really looking for a combination of things. You need to consider both the specifics of the house as well as the area in question very carefully. Even a wonderful house can be something of a disappointing experience if you don’t like the area it was originally built in.

Don’t Forget the Seasons

One of the most important things to consider when you look at rental properties has to do with the season you’re currently in the middle of. While there are some areas of the country that look essentially the same all year round, Charlotte isn’t necessarily one of them. The area has all four seasons, even if it does usually have a mild winter. If you find yourself looking for a property in the winter, for example, remember that there are a variety of fun things that you can do in the area once the weather warms up outside. There are also a number of terrific things to do for both you and your family in the winter, as well.

Public Transportation

Another factor to consider when looking for rental properties in Charlotte, NC has to do with the proximity of your property to public transportation. If you’re planning on coming into the area for work or school, for example, you can save yourself a great deal of money by commuting to work each day. If you know that you’re going to be going through a significant commute on a daily basis, make things easier on yourself by looking for rental properties as close to public transportation options as possible. Public transportation will also be a terrific way to get to and from various hot spots and cultural locations in the area on the weekends, as well.


Keep Property Secure During Storm Season with Charlotte Property Management Companies

Every year, thousands and thousands of claims are filed due to property damage, whether it’s caused by water, fire or mold. Unsurprisingly, many of these claims are filed during the summer months when storms and heavy rainfall are more common throughout much of the United States, including Charlotte, North Carolina. While property damage as a result of a storm may be inevitable in some cases, there are a bevy of things that you can do around your property to minimize your risk. Here’s a look.

  • Keep gutters clear: When rainwater doesn’t drain properly off of a roof, it can pool up in the gutters and then pool up around the home’s foundation, rather than away from it. This water may then eventually get into the foundation.
  • Check the sump pump: Make sure the submersible sump pump for basement and the backup pump are working effectively.
  • Check the roof: Make sure there are no loose or damaged shingles prior to storm season. Not only does a damaged roof jeopardize a property’s structuralintegrity, but it may also give way to leaks.
  • Trim landscaping: Make sure your shrubs and trees are well manicured to minimize scratching against windows or broken branches that may lead to damage.
  • Store and secure outdoor furniture or other heavy objects that could cause damage to your home prior to a storm.

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Now is the time to take the proper precautions by calling for a Tree Service around your home or housing unit. But keep in mind that even when all the proper steps are taken prior to that big storm hitting, property damage may still occur. That’s where the know-how of Charlotte property management companies comes in – not only will the professionals advise you on how to prepare your home to minimize damage in a storm, but they’re also connected with some of the best disaster restoration professionals, who will arrive to your home promptly after a loss and begin to restore the property to pre-loss condition. 


Why Bother With Renter’s Insurance?

There are a lot of tasks to be handled when moving into a new apartment or other rental property. Some of our clients express frustration about mandatory renter’s insurance. However, this is more than just another block on a checklist; renter’s insurance provides several worthy benefits.

Coverage for Your Possessions

If a fire, flood or other problem occurs in your rental unit, the stress can be overwhelming. As well, the amount of the damage or loss you incur can be enormous. When you have a comprehensive renter’s insurance policy, replacement of your belongings is covered at little or no cost to you.

Renters Insurance


Assistance in an Emergency

Likewise, most rental insurance policies provide coverage for alternative lodging and other assistance if your apartment becomes uninhabitable due to a disaster or other issue. This assistance can come in the form of a free checking, prepaid debit card or vouchers that you can use at specific merchants. This assistance can help relieve the burden you shoulder, and keep you from using your own funds or credit cards to secure a place to stay.

Inexpensive Peace of Mind

Most rental insurance policies are less than $20 per month. Average cost of renters insurance depends upon the value of your belongings, your claims history and the amount of the deductible you choose. If you bundle your rental insurance policy in with your life insurance or other insurance products, you can save even more. The value of the policy in the event of an emergency far outweighs any cost you pay for the policy.

Don’t neglect your rental insurance policy; ensure that you have coverage, and that your coverage is enough for your possessions. If you have further questions or comments on this topic or anything else posted on our blog, give us a call. We are the premier property management company in Charlotte, North Carolina, and aim to help renters and rental companies find each other.

Questions Every Renter Should Ask Before Renting an Apartment

Before renting an apartment, you should ask a few questions of the landlord or property manager before giving serious consideration to a location. Read below to learn what questions every renter should ask but might not think about:

How much does moving in cost?

Some landlords require three or more month’s rent in advance and charge an application fee, which can run from $30 to $100. Other landlords simply require a security deposit. Therefore, finding out what the costs are associated with moving into the place you plan to rent is wise.

Are their special rules such as residential quiet hours for the property?

Within the confines of an apartment building, there will be a wide age demographic of people present. Because of the span of ages and life situations, some landlords or property managers opt to enact residential quite times in an effort to accommodate the majority of tenants. When considering a property for rental, it is wise to ask what–if any–neighborhood rules exist.

What are the restrictions on common areas?

Many times, apartment complexes will offer their residents use of a pool, gym or other amenities, which is one aspect that makes apartment living so desirable. However, there are often rules associated with these common areas that you should learn about before moving in. For example, you may have unlimited access to the community pool, but there could be a rule about bringing in outside guests. Therefore, it is best to ask about these possible rules, fees and restrictions.

What is the policy in regards to guests sleeping over?

If you frequently have a friend crash on your couch for the night instead of going back to their own place, you will want to inquire ahead of time as to the apartment’s policy regarding overnight guests. Some complexes have no written rule, while others have strict guidelines.

As property managers in Charlotte, NC, we hope the above questions have proved helpful to you as you seek to acquire the perfect rental property.


We Love Happy Customers!

Moving is stressful enough.  With 50+ years of experience, we have seen it all which is why we know what to look for after you have turned in your keys.  But don’t take our word for it.  Here is what a recent tenant said about their move-out experience.

This was my first experience in over 27 years. Definitely  things have changed. Now that I am dealing with another rental company I see clearly how much better T R Lawing is to deal with. 

It has been a pleasure to have you as my landlord. I wish nothing but the best for the staff at T R Lawing. You have been a pleasure to work with and a cut above the rest.  ~Denise


Renting from Property Management Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, North Carolina, named the Queen City, is a large financial center hosting Wells Fargo and Bank of America’s operational headquarters. If you are looking to rent property in Charlotte for business or personal reasons, it is best to work through a property management Charlotte, NCcompany. Property managers can assist you in finding the right neighborhood whether you are in Charlotte for a permanent move or short-term business stay. You can find a location close to your work, yet nearby shopping and entertainment.

Whatever types of hobbies or entertainment are your preference, Charlotte can accommodate you. There are sporting activities from football and basketball to NASCAR and whitewater rafting. In addition, you can find many historical sites to visit from the Civil War era as well as the Revolutionary War. You can find numerous museums including the Carolinas Aviation Museum, Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, Charlotte Nature Museum in Freedom Park, NASCAR Hall of Fame and the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture.

Charlotte is full of fascinating neighborhoods, great shopping and intriguing eateries. Myers Park was once a cotton farm and is now an upscale area with theaters, restaurants and antiques. Dilworth is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and features several fine restaurants, an inn and the Twin Oaks shopping center. South End, not far from the city center, hosts music, a monthly gallery walk and antique shops. NoDa is the city’s eclectic artist district with a variety of art galleries to visit musical and theater performances to see. These neighborhoods are just a few of the many diverse city and suburban locations to have fun and live in Charlotte.

 For studious types, there is the area around UNC Charlotte which hosts businesses supported by the university and its students. University Place features hotels, botanical gardens and a variety of food choices for the budget-minded student or the food connoisseur. Charlotte really has it all, and your property management company will give you the tour to find the best match for your housing and office needs.



The Benefits of Hiring Property Managers in Charlotte, NC

Many people who own rental properties feel like they need to handle every detail on their own. However, it can save money and be hassle free, plus increase your revenue over time, when you hand the job to an experienced property manager. A few of the benefits of outsourcing this role:

  • Property management companies can market on your behalf. Every month that your units are unoccupied time that they are not making you money. A well-staffed property management company can run effective campaigns to find the best tenants for your properties.
  • No dealing with expensive hassles. Handling things on your own means doing repairs or shopping around for workmen to complete work for you. A property management company will have both in-house technicians and reliable subcontractors a phone call away at all times.
  • No headaches. A quality management company can handle collection of rental payments, accounting on your properties and, if the need ever arises, actions to evict non-paying residents. Tenants will have flexibility in payment options to get your money to you quickly and handle late and non-payment issues with a proven system. By allowing a company with many years’ experience to handle these issues, you can dedicate yourself to your business’ daily core functions instead.
  • Hassle-free compliance. A property management company with staff familiar with federal, local and state laws can easily navigate those waters on your behalf. This ensures compliance with laws that range from construction requirements like the Lead-based Paint Hazard Act to occupancy issues covered under the Domestic Violence Act and the Landlord Tenant Act.


 We hire dedicated and talented people to be the property managers Charlotte, NC real estate owners need.


The Top 4 Financial Advantages of Renting: Prepare to be Surprised!

Most people grow up with the idea that buying and owning a home is a desirable goal, and for some, it is. But renting offers a number of financial advantages over homeownership that are often overlooked, and that just may surprise you! Here are a few of the benefits of Charlotte, NC real estate rentals.

1. Follow the Money

 Ever heard that it makes more financial sense to buy rather than rent? After all, your monthly payments go toward building equity, right? While this may be “common knowledge,” in a hot housing market like Charlotte’s, the answer is a bit more nuanced. Let’s look at some real-world numbers.

The average sales price of a home in Charlotte is $266,480. Assuming you put the “normal” 10% down and get a fixed 30-year loan with a 4.3% interest rate, once property taxes, insurance and PMI are included, your monthly payment comes in at $1,603. Keep in mind, this doesn’t include maintenance costs and it assumes you’ve got $26k lying around to use as a down payment.

In contrast, the median rent price of a house in the Charlotte metro area is $1,075; if you rent outside the city center, the price goes down to $1,010. You’ve just fattened your wallet by more than $500 per month simply by renting.

2. Financial Stability

The next benefit of Charlotte, NC real estate rentals goes hand-in-hand with that whole more-money-in-your-pocket concept: Financial stability. When you’re renting, you know exactly how much you’ll be spending each month, making your financial situation more predictable.

If the A/C breaks or the pipes spring a leak, you’re not on the hook for it — that’s your landlord’s responsibility. In contrast, homeowners have to shell out for every needed repair and bit of property maintenance. 


3. Throwing it All Away

You’ve probably heard paying rent is like “throwing your money away,” while paying a mortgage is like “paying into a savings account.” Again, this is not always true. Thanks to mortgage interest, the majority of your payments will go straight into interest, rather than principle, for decades. Not only is this money that you’ll never see again, but it also exponentially increases the amount you’re actually paying for your home over the life of the loan.

4. Homeownership Builds Wealth

Once upon a time, it was safe to assume that you could buy a home, park your money in it, then sit back and watch the equity grow. The events of the past decade — the housing bubble and economic downturn — illustrate another reality. Equity is no longer a “guaranteed” outcome of homeownership, as the millions of homeowners who lost their homes to foreclosure will attest.

While, of course, everyone’s circumstances are different, in many cases, renting simply makes more financial sense than buying. If you want to learn more about the advantages of Charlotte,NC real estate rentals, contact TR Lawing today!

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Three Tips for Getting Your Security Deposit Back

When you move into Charlotte, NC real estate rentals, you will almost always have to give the rental company a security deposit with your first month’s rent. This money protects landlords from unpaid rent and damaged properties. Because of this, it’s usually a sizeable amount of money. Want to make sure you get it back? Do all the following:

Do a Walk-Through

When you lease the apartment, do a walk-through with the property manager. This way, you are both in agreement about the state of the apartment when you move in. You should also photograph everything. This way, if you decide to put up your own curtains while you live there or make other minor changes, you can easily put everything back the way you found it.

Watch for Pet Damage

If you have pets, be very careful that they do not damage carpets, walls or any other part of the apartment interior. Buy your cats scratching posts or Soft Paws caps eliminate the temptation to claw carpets. Make sure dogs are well-trained not to jump on walls or windowsills.

Go Over Everything When You Move Out

When you move out of your apartment, carefully inspect everything. Open up closets and cabinets, even if they are ones you don’t use. You may have stashed some infrequently useditems in there and then forgotten about them. Plus, in the stress of moving, there could be last minute cleaning jobs that you’ve forgotten. Doing a thorough walk-through at the end of your lease helps you figure out if there’s anything left behind that could trigger a cleaning charge. If you don’t have time to clean then contact house cleaning Brisbane North.

A security deposit adds up to a significant amount of money. By being a conscientious renter, you can be sure that you leave the apartment in the state you found it and that you get your deposit back.

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