Third Time’s A Charm

T. R. Lawing Realty, Inc. is proud to announce that Joe Rempson, Vice-President, will be formally inducted as the 2014 President of the Charlotte Regional Realtors Association on Tuesday, March 4, 2014.   This honor is very familiar to the T. R. Lawing Realty family as Joe will be the 3rd generation in his family to serve as the CRRA President.  Previously, this position was held by his grandfather, Thomas Lawing, Sr. (1965) and his uncle, Thomas Lawing, Jr. (1993).

Congratulations Joe Rempson!

Joe Rempson_Kugler


The Battle For Tobacco Road

Ten years ago a young boy went to his first ever college basketball game.  It was the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship Second Round and two North Carolina teams, who were no stranger to this competition, were playing in back to back games.

Up first, the University of North Carolina Tarheels!  The boy drank in every last minute of this first ball game.  He loved the players, the band and even the cheerleaders.  He quickly learned the cheers and asked every question imaginable.  It was one of the greatest moments of his life and the team won!  But the fun was not over, because a second game would be played shortly featuring the Duke Blue Devils.  He would be given another chance to see a top college team in action.

The boy’s mother had bought him two t-shirts, one for the Tarheel game and one for the Duke game.  At the end of the first game his mother reached into her handbag  to pull out the second shirt but the boy refused to wear it.  He even threw a small tantrum over it.  At that moment she knew and the UNC fans around him knew….a Tarheel fan was born.



Snow? T. R. Lawing Realty Can Handle It!

TRL in the snowThe snow is falling and though our physical office may be closed, T. R. Lawing Realty, Inc. is still hard at work in our “virtual office”.  Currently, most of our employees are working from the safety and comfort of their homes answering property management, leasing, accounting and  maintenance questions from the general public, our owners and our residents.

If you have a maintenance emergency, we will do our best to handle the situation on an individual basis. An emergency is defined as follows:


Severe Flooding


Loss of heat when outside temperatures are 40 degrees or below

No water to entire property- and the City Water Department is not responsible

No power to entire property- and the Power Company is not responsible.

Conditions, which endanger the occupants or the property.

Break-in attempt where the property needs to be secured

Only toilet in home is not working.

Due to the weather, the accessibility of our maintenance staff and contractors may be limited.  Please be patient and know that we are continuously working hard to resolve any issue you may be experiencing.

Stay safe and stay warm!

The Top Ten Things To Look For In A Property Management Company

TRL-WBanner-300x250_ph2009So you’re looking to downsize but you haven’t been able to sell your house, or maybe your job is about to transfer you across the country and you want to keep your dream home or maybe you’ve lucked upon a mortgage deal you couldn’t pass up and now you’re trying to figure out what to do with it. You want to hire a property management company to handle the odds and ends, but where should you start?  Here are the top ten things you should be looking for:

1. Tenant Screening-The most important service a property management service can provide.  This can eliminate many future problems and lower a real estate investor’s risk.

2. Staffed Maintenance Department-All staffed maintenance employees should be insured and should be thoroughly screened to insure the work being charged for is actually being done.  A plus is finding a company that is large enough to have a fleet of sub-contractors available at their disposal that they work with and trust.

3. Experience - Residental property management takes a level of experience not taught in real estate licensing schools. Every situation is different and being able to handle issues moment to moment is key to being an effective real estate Investment Manager.

4. Time in the market – gives the advantage of knowing the real estate rental market thoroughly to more effectively price market and rent your investment!

5. Large marketing platform - It makes a huge advantage over the competition to have a large volume to be able to advertise your home in more places so it is seen and gets rented.  A website is very user friendly for potential residents to find and apply for a home they are interested in.

6. Communications - Does the property management company use smart phones, email and social networking as a few of many tools to be able to service clients and residents, answer questions and handle emergencies quickly and efficiently? You’ve got to keep up with the times!

7. Good Standing With the BBB - A proven track record of having resolved problematic issues shows that the company cares enough to address concerns and satisfy all parties involved.

8. Knowledge – Are you confident in what the property manager explains? Can they clearly define what services they offer? Are they proficient to handle your investment property?

9. Varied Portfolio – Does the property manager hold renting a one bedroom apartment as important as a six bedroom estate?  A varied portfolio showcases the skills of a property manager.

10. Accounting – Can the property manager handle the financial details of your investment? You will need to consider repair costs, maintenance fees and other miscellaneous items as well!

Keep these tips in mind when considering a property management company!

Susan Macarz