Carolina Blue Skies and Rainbow Leaves

The best time of year for me is Fall, when the air is crisp and cool, the skies are Carolina blue and the trees reveal a new color every day. I can’t wait to see what is in store for us this year.  Of course, Autumn has only just begun but , I am ready sweater weather and leaves, lots and lots of beautifully colored leaves.

My childhood home had an interesting yard. I always thought my back yard looked more like a front yard because of its open space and green grass, while my front yard had a ton of trees capable of producing thousands of little tiny colorful leaves that would need to be raked up by the end of November. This chore was assigned to my father, who in turn drafted my brother and I to “help”. It wasn’t really that hard to get us to help because the weekend before the “BIG rake”, we were allowed to create the Granddaddy of all street layouts to ride our bikes through. We built an entire city of straight roads, curvy roads and roundabouts; and for one whole week, my brother and I maintained our roadways and rode our bikes happily through them until the following Saturday when my Dad had to take away our beautiful little city and rake them into GIGANTIC piles of leaves!!! These things were big enough to literally dive into and get buried for hours. It was great and yes, I was easily entertained as a child, but weren’t we all? We didn’t have a whole lot of distractions like our children today (or at least that is what I am supposed to say, now that I am an adult).  When our family moved to Charlotte when I was a teenager, our new house didn’t have really any trees, as we were moving into a brand new development. They had removed all the trees and planted two sad little sticks in the front yard. I didn’t really seem to mind then because I was a teenager and the days of little leafy streets were behind me. But in reality, I would have given anything for that giant pile of leaves!!! 

What is your favorite Fall memory?

How Can We Help You?

ManAndWomanCroppedAs the social media person for T. R. Lawing Realty,Inc, it is my job to put a human face on our company that can be seen as just another company in the Charlotte area looking to get your business whether you are an owner seeking management for your property, a Realtor looking to focus on other endeavors and needs someone you can trust with your portfolio or a tenant looking for a new home to live in for at least the next 12 months.   My job is very important because a person’s home is one of the most intimate of places for a person to spend their hard-earned money.  There are a lot of feelings that are wrapped up into a home.  For instance, pride for a beautifully landscaped lawn or relief because you FINALLY made it home after a hard day’s work and you plan to nothing else but relax for the remainder of the day.  You raise families in your home and take note of important milestones and you get angry when something is wrong with your home.  That is what makes my job so rewarding  because it’s up to me to prove to you that we are not just another property management company.  We want to show you that we are humans working with a company of humans that want to help you rent the place that you have called home for 15 years, where your kids grew up and now you must leave because you were transferred and you are just not ready to sell.  We want to help you quickly find a place to live because you just moved to the area and finally got that job you have been dreaming of but it starts on Monday.  We want to help you when it’s the day before Thanksgiving and the stove decided to quit and you are feeding a massive amount of people.  So there is only one thing to ask… “How can we help you?”