managing the detailsMartin Van Buren said, “It is easier to do a job right than to explain why you didn’t.”  At T. R. Lawing Realty, Inc., we deal with a great many different, sometimes stressful, situations. In the end, we strive to make sure that every Owner and every Resident is completely satisfied with their experience.   Please enjoy a sampling of some of our most recent customer testimonials.

“The maintenance staff has been kind, courteous, and resourceful! Dottie stayed on top of things and kept us apprised of issues, and she responded quickly to problems.” — Michael 

“Mr. Rempson I felt the need to share with you my experience with Ms. Griffin.  We leased a TR Lawing home last year June 2012 and have never lacked the support of this maintenance representative.  In each experience the recovery time was quick and professional.  Although she has often offered to call me or I call her I haven’t had too.  Her email response time is amazing.  I know this isn’t a small company so for her to move quickly on our request is exceptional work.  Thus, I can imagine what she is doing for others.

We’ve had some poor representation w/outside contractors assigned through TR Lawing before (e.g., washer/dryer service, carpet not fully extended throughout the dining room area) however, Debbie has moved expeditiously to get our needs taken care of.  As you can see I am an advocate of genuine customer service and follow through and Debbie is always spot on!  Whether it was a break down in communication, no shows, or poor service she made sure TR Lawing was represented well. 

 This recession hit my family hard especially with my husband now on dialysis.  We have been taking things one day at a time to stay on top of our commitments financially, therefore the little things that brings you peace is heightened. This home we’re in right now brings us that peace.  I can not speak for anyone else but I have been pleased with Debbie, as well as our Property Mgr Ms. Sallie Myrick (she gave us a new start).  If you can or have a program that recognizes your employees please consider people like Debbie.  It is employees like her that make our experience with TR Lawing memorable.

 P.S. If you ever watch the reality shows check out  “Undercover Boss”.  If you were in that position you too would agree that she is an asset to the company!!!!!”                       — Stephanie

“Dear Mr. Lawing, I’m a Charlotte native and have always heard not to rent from T. R. Lawing Realty. The word around town was that the company didn’t like to fix anything and never gave back deposits. Recently, even though it upset me to do it, I had to finally rent from T. R. Lawing because there wasn’t anything available at the time that would work for me except one of your properties. Now amazingly, it’s been almost seven months since I moved in and everyone at the company has always been so nice and helpful. You couldn’t ask for your employees to be any more pleasant and accommodating. And, if anything needed fixing, it has only been a few days at maximum for someone to take care of it. Cynthia, Dianna, Yvonne, Tom, David, are some of the names that have given outstanding service but there are more whose names I don’t know. I’m spreading my good experience to others and want to thank all of your employees who have assisted me. It has been greatly appreciated.” —  Margaret


“Have always had fast responses. Great help when I had a washer machine problem of flooding. Fast help and handled everything very proffesionally. Hot water tanks pilot went out. Needed a new coil. Fast service. Fixed quickly and was able to have a hot shower again! Very satisfied.” — Thomas


“The grounds are well-maintained, all good experiences with staff,  feel very safe here; great location.” — Alan

We appreciate all of our Owners, Contractors and especially our Residents!  THANK YOU!!

T. R. Lawing Realty, Inc.