Are You Prepared?

insuranceThe events in Oklahoma this week drive home that no one is immune when in the path of a severe storm.  It is almost unbearable to watch as stunned residents wander the streets trying to find something that indicates that this is the home that they slept safe and sound in merely hours before.  What you do if your home and belongings were all gone in an instant? 

As renters, we tend to think of rentals as temporary housing and a surprisingly  number of tenants do not carry Renter’s Insurance. Homeowners are required to carry homeowners insurance to protect them if something not only happened to their property but if something happened on their property. What it won’t cover is your stuff.  

What if everything went up in flames tomorrow, leaving you with only the clothes on your back? Look around at all of your stuff. You know the TVs, the audio visual equipment, the computers, Grandma’s earrings, etc.  Are you financially prepared today to go out and replace it all and start over?  Renters insurance is essential for tenants and is not worth the risk of not having it. In fact the cost is reasonably low and you could be protected within minutes by just calling your insurance carrier.  

We will continue to send our thoughts and prayers to those devastated by the tornadoes in Oklahoma.  If you wish to help those affected, please consider giving  monetary donations to the American Red Cross.