Look! Up In The Sky!!

They are calling for severe winter weather here in our beautiful, Southern city. You know what that means?  Everyone drop what you are doing and head to the nearest Harris Teeter for bread, milk and toilet paper.  It is very possible that we may be trapped in our homes for up to 8 full hours.

Of course the buzz around the office is the weather as we hear of school closings and parents scramble to figure out how to juggle around their children today.  However, one of  the funniest moment comes from a co-worker who stated that hail had already begun to fall in South Charlotte during the morning rush hour.  You read that right, hail.  I had to giggle and correct this co-worker by telling them the correct term is sleet.  It is a winter storm after all and sleet was in the forecast.  But they held tight to their guns and said it was little pellets of ice and that was hail or maybe freezing rain. 

I obviously didn’t let it go and found the below definition of hail, sleet and freezing rain. Enjoy the weather lesson because my co-worker didn’t.  Happy Friday!

The Difference between Hail, Sleet, and Freezing Rain

Many times I hear people say during a winter storm that it is hailing. This is actually called sleet. Hail normally occurs in thunderstorms and is the result of strong updrafts that repeatedly carry growing chunks of ice upwards into the clouds. Once the hail stones become too heavy to be lifted by the updrafts, they fall to the ground. Hail stones are normally much larger than sleet pellets and they can cause damage to crops, windshields, people, etc. Sleet occurs during a winter storm and is caused by rain falling into a cold layer of air aloft which has to be below freezing. As the raindrops fall through the cold layer of air, they freeze and become small ice pellets. When they hit your car windshield or your windows at home, they can make quite a racket. Sleet can accumulate on the roads and sidewalks making driving and walking quite hazardous. Freezing rain is basically rain that falls onto the ground and then freezes AFTER it hits the ground. It causes a glaze of ice on trees and any surface that is below freezing. Freezing rain causes the most hazardous of driving and walking conditions. Freezing rain is what causes the power outages as a result of the ice that forms on the trees and power lines making them so heavy that they come down. A temperature inversion causes the conditions that result in freezing rain. This means that it is warmer aloft than it is at the surface.  (www.weatherdudes.com)

100+ Years of Experience & Counting!!

What makes T. R. Lawing Realty, Inc. stand out against our competition?  Well, a huge advantage is not only the fact that we have been in the Property Management business for 56 years, but the experience of our property managers.  

If you consider:

  • President and  Broker-In-Charge, Thomas R. Lawing, Jr. has 40+ years of property management experience which was passed down from his father, Mr. Lawing, Sr., who began our little business 56 years ago.
  • Thad Gantt & Peggy Malabuyoc both have 20+ years of experience each.
  • Vice-President, Joe Rempson & Brenda Armstrong have 15 + years of experience each.
  • Kori Wing, Sallie Myrick, Dottie Ciarrocchi and David Kennedy make up another 20 years of experience combined.

If you add up all experience up, you will get well over 100 years’ experience!  

How may we help you?




Beware The Craigslist Listing!!

Recently a rash of calls  have  been coming into the office regarding ads on Craigslist for much lower than our listing price for various properties.  If you are a fan of Craigslist, know that we don’t have anything against them, but they are a FREE service and “you get what you pay for.”

Before when prospects inquired about fraudulant listings, the owners were missionaries moving to Nigeria, but now these guys are getting sneakier and sneakier, making it hard for us to find the scam ads to have them taken down. Ususally the ad is very plain, no pictures  and there is a phone number to call with a voice on the other end telling the prospective tenant that they have moved to Atlanta, Boston or Chicago and all they need to do is wire them the money so that they can ship them the key.  They also tell them that they had hired a Realtor (that would be us) to look after their property but we were charging  too much and they weren’t using us any longer.  Please do not trust this!  If you come across an ad that you believe may be a scam, flag it and notify Craigslist immediately.

T. R. Lawing Realty, Inc. no longer utilizes Craigslist as an advertising tool due to the ease of scammers posting on their site.  We are however listed on many real estate listing sites like Rentals.com and always advertise with our local Multiple Listing Service.  Unfortunately there are too many people, with lots of time on their hands looking to scam you out of your hard-earned money.  If it is too good to be true, it probably is. 

Looking for a new home!  Let us help you find the right place.  Visit our website at www.trlawing.com.

So Long Wheelbarrow Or Maybe Thimble….No! Iron…….Sigh!

If you haven’t heard the news by now, Hasbro is set to lock up  one of your favorite Monopoly game tokens and throw away the key.  Yes, by fall of this year, the new and improved Monopoly (because everything needs changing, right?!) will hit shelves with a new token that fans of the game will have a hand in choosing via Monopoly’s Facebook page.   New game tokens include a diamond ring (my choice), toy robot, cat or helicopter. 

Introduced by Parker Brothers in 1935 during the height of the Great Depression, the Monopoly game has made many a “millionaire” as families sat around the table dreaming of hotel empires and praying they would own the elusive Boardwalk/Park Place combo.  However, this is not the first time that Monopoly has exiled one of their tokens.  There are others that have met the same fate as the game sought to update its image.   Does anyone remember the lantern, the cannon or the rocking horse? I vaguely remember using a token that was  a dude on a horse and recent editions of the game have included a sack of money and a locomotive. 

So who do we save?  You only have until February 5, 2013 to determine if it will be the car, the thimble, the boot, the Scottie dog, the battleship, the iron, the hat or the wheelbarrow will “go directly to jail” with no hope of receiving  a “get out of jail free” card. 

Everyone!   To your computers to SAVE YOUR TOKEN!!