Facebook Timeline: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?


Have you heard the buzz over Facebook Timeline?

The Pros:

     – Users have a vastly-improved way to organize and manage their profile in a more engaging, chronologically-accurate way.

The Cons:

     – Advertisers can now more accurately target products and services to users, based on the wealth of well-organized personal information they’ve shared.

The new Facebook Timeline recently unveiled to mixed reviews.  It boasts the offering of allowing users to present their profile in a much more chronologically-sound and visually-pleasing aesthetic – almost like an interactive slide-show, even allowing users to enter information that has happened before they signed up for Facebook.  But let’s not be fooled – Social Media has always been a tool for advertising. What’s the reason many Facebook users won’t care about the data-farming and targeted ads? The usefulness of the product itself outweighs the assumed invasion of privacy. We’re willing to bet that most users enjoy and revel in their consumerist lifestyles – in this fast-paced, instant-gratification Information Age, they WANT to have options spat at them left and right!

Come Chat With Us!

     Have you ever wanted to get more information about a product or service, and you just don’t have the time to call  and speak with someone right that instance, but you DO have your Facebook app open on your smarthphone or web browser?

Well, we have a new feature to share with you!

Exclusive to Facebook users, now you can chat with one of our Leasing Consultants on-the-fly about everything from available rentals to application qualifications. Give it a whirl!  Talk To Todd!  Talk To David!  Check out our Leasing page on Facebook!

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While it remains to be seen whether Google’s social networking application will be “The Facebook Killer,” this new entrant into the Cauldron of Connectivity is creating quite a buzz, even though still in Beta testing phases.  “How is Google+ different from Facebook?” you ask – well, we found a nifty graphic comparing the big points!


Many people like the look and feel of the Google+ interface, while others just like that there’s something new in the social media sandbox to play with. User registrations are still by invite only, so perhaps you have a friend or twelve who would be nice enough to send you an invite.  If you’ve found facebook growing too stagnant for you, or you just want something new, give it a shot!  And while you’re there,  Check out our Google+ page!