Want To Liven Up Your Space? Here Are Some Great House Plants!

No matter how large or small your property is, house plants make a great addition. While watering and making sure each plant receives the necessary amount of sunlight is important and can take some adjusting if you have never taken care of house plants before, there are many benefits of having these living plants inside of your home. House plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. This improves the air quality inside of your home. The plants also release water, which is excellent if your home had dry air, and it also helps purify the air as well. On top of this, in a study by the Agriculture University of Norway, sickness rates fell over 60 percent in offices with plants. With so many benefits, it makes sense to bring in a few house plants into your home. Here are some of the best for you to choose from for your home in Charlotte, NC. 

Aloe Plant

Aloe-vera-houseplant-careThis plant is extremely easy to take care of and provides multiple benefits. While it grows, the plant helps purify the air better than most other plants you can buy and removes chemicals and bacteria found in the air. Plus, you can cut off one of the branches and use it to soothe a sun burn or cuts on your body. 


English Ivy

englishIvyYou can hang this plant from a planter in medium sunlight or you can place it in pots around the house, just make sure to keep it trimmed as it can grow out quickly. With that being said though, NASA lists English Ivy as the best air filtering house plant available as it absorbs formaldehyde better than any other plant you can bring into your home. Plus, it is extremely easy to grow and prospers in almost any location. 

Rubber Tree

rubber-plant-1LWhen looking for a house plant to bring into your Charlotte, NC home, a rubber tree is great. It helps clean the air and is easy to grow, as it does not require much light (it thrives in dim light) and does not require much in terms of maintenance. So, if you do not have a green thumb, this is a great plant to start out with. 

Peace Lily

product-blooming-house-plants-004-big1Looking for a flower that also doesn’t require much work? The peace lily is low maintenance and does well in low lighting and cooler temperatures in your home.

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