Top 3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Neighborhood in Charlotte

Charlotte is that quintessential Southern place that offers big city amenities with a small, southern town feel. Residents here enjoy a strong job market, warm climate, and a low cost of living… all of which undoubtedly have contributed to Charlotte making the most recent list of top 10 fastest growing cities in the country.

That said, finding that perfect neighborhood niche for your family in this booming city can sometimes be a challenge. If you are looking to rent or to purchase a rental building, residential management companies can help you find the perfect building and neighborhood fit for you. You should likewise keep the following tips in mind during your home research:

  1. Take a stroll around your prospective block. You can’t judge a neighborhood until you walked a mile of its streets. This is the best way of determining the cleanliness and overall friendliness of a given neighborhood. It will also give you a good idea of nearby cafes, restaurants, corner stores, parks, bars, and other amenities. For example, a quick walk around Charlotte’s NoDa or North Davidson neighborhood will show you some of the eclectic art galleries and bustling live music venues that makes this a top living choice for recent college grads. For best effects, be sure to go a few different days of the week.
  2. Do some research into the safety of a neighborhood. Whether you are working with Charlotte residential management companies to rent a home or to purchase a home for rent, getting a place in a safe neighborhood is key. While Charlotte is overall a safe city, there are some pockets of crime (like any big city). Go to the local police department or otherwise do some research into neighborhood crime statistics. You’ll want to look both at the amount and type of crimes as well as consider whether there is an increasing or decreasing trend. 
  3. Check out the local schools. This is important for those people renting with kids as well as for buyers who want to keep resale value in mind. Homes near good schools, whether it is kindergarten or college, will always be in high demand. 

For more information about Charlotte’s many charming neighborhoods and help in selecting the right home in the right neighborhood, contact us today. Our team of skilled realtors will help find out your needs and future plans to guide you toward your ideal next property.


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