The Mayberry Effect

Yesterday was July 4th and regardless of what you did, everyone found their “small town” to celebrate.  Whether you had your own backyard BBQ with an amateur display of fireworks and sparklers or you packed yourself into a park or stadium to enjoy the large fireworks display with a picnic basket, you stopped, took a beat and enjoyed a small piece of Americana.

For the past two days, pictures of fireworks, backyard BBQs and vacation photos have intertwined with tributes to the late Andy Griffith.  Although we remember a great man in his own right, we have also felt nostalgic for a simpler time in life.  One of my favorite tributes was a picture of the opening credits when Sherriff Taylor and his son, Opie are walking down a dirt road, a pole in their hands and  heading to the “Fishin’ Hole”.  The caption read:  “What the world needs is more Mayberry and less Jersey Shore.”  If that is how I think most of us feel, then the question must be asked.  Is that Norman Rockwell picture perfect life still possible?  If so, how can we get back to there?

The Huffington Post has released an article that talks about “The Mayberry Effect.”  It is exactly what I was thinking when I sat dow to write this morning and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, because I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

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