The Right Rental Home in Charlotte NC

Finding the right home out of the abundance of rental homes Charlotte NC can sometimes be an overwhelming task. There are a few things you want to do to prepare yourself for finding a place in the Charlotte area, so your search doesn’t take longer than it has to and you know what home is right for you.

The Single-Family

Many think of a single family home when considering a rental. The pros are the privacy, that many come with a garage and yard, and it’s pretty close to feeling like a homeowner. Gardening, kids playing in the yard, entertaining outside and having things that are typically not an option in other housing, like a swing set or volleyball net. The cons are the price and the higher expense of utilities.

The Apartment

An apartment can come with amenities that are not included in a single family home. The utilities and rent can be less expensive than a house or a townhouse. The cons are usually how the apartment is maintained, difficulty getting deposits back, owning pets and neighbors that are noisy.

Something in the Middle

When searching for a new rental you can have both the pros and cons of a house and apartment. A townhome can be a good split for many renters who have a family. A townhome can be cheaper than a house and have some of the amenities of an apartment. There is more privacy if the townhome has a fenced yard. A townhouse is also a good compromise on the budget.

When looking for rental homes Charlotte NC can be overwhelming if the type of home isn’t considered first. Once you choose the type of home you want to rent, decide on things like the school district, walk score and neighborhood amenities prior to filling out an application.

Be prepared to narrow down what you want to a few places as application fees can accumulate fast when applying to several locations.

Your lease should be well written and state your responsibilities, how to get maintenance, who to call in an emergency or overnight maintenance situation and all of the fees you are expected to pay.

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