Ransomware Best Practices

With the current local news reporting a Ransomware attack at our local government level, this is a friendly reminder of the issue and how we intend to keep T R Lawing Realty safe.

  • Ransomware is a type of encrypting malware that encrypts important company files and holds them for ransom.
  • Ransoms typically range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Cybercriminals made over $1billion dollars last year from businesses attacked by ransomware

Best practices to stop Ransomware:

  1. You should be aware that most ransomware attacks come in the form of an email attachment and you should exercise extreme caution when opening email attachments.
  2. Never open an attachment in an email you were not expecting to receive or that you do not recognize the sender.
  3. You should use the same caution when presented with URL’s that you do not recognize or came from an unknown sender.

With today’s advanced ransomware techniques you only have to visit a website to become infected with ransomware. Let me make that clear. You DO NOT have to click anything on the website to infect your computer with data encrypting ransomware.

In 2017 alone:

  • Ransomware emails spiked 6,000%
  • 40% of all spam email had ransomware
  • 59% of infections came from email

These numbers are scary but important for you to know, you are the first line of defense against ransomware.

With thanks to T. J. Wood, Director of Information Systems, who composed the original version of this message to the faculty & staff at Charlotte Country Day School.

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