Top 3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Neighborhood in Charlotte

Charlotte is that quintessential Southern place that offers big city amenities with a small, southern town feel. Residents here enjoy a strong job market, warm climate, and a low cost of living… all of which undoubtedly have contributed to Charlotte making the most recent list of top 10 fastest growing cities in the country.

That said, finding that perfect neighborhood niche for your family in this booming city can sometimes be a challenge. If you are looking to rent or to purchase a rental building, residential management companies can help you find the perfect building and neighborhood fit for you. You should likewise keep the following tips in mind during your home research:

  1. Take a stroll around your prospective block. You can’t judge a neighborhood until you walked a mile of its streets. This is the best way of determining the cleanliness and overall friendliness of a given neighborhood. It will also give you a good idea of nearby cafes, restaurants, corner stores, parks, bars, and other amenities. For example, a quick walk around Charlotte’s NoDa or North Davidson neighborhood will show you some of the eclectic art galleries and bustling live music venues that makes this a top living choice for recent college grads. For best effects, be sure to go a few different days of the week.
  2. Do some research into the safety of a neighborhood. Whether you are working with Charlotte residential management companies to rent a home or to purchase a home for rent, getting a place in a safe neighborhood is key. While Charlotte is overall a safe city, there are some pockets of crime (like any big city). Go to the local police department or otherwise do some research into neighborhood crime statistics. You’ll want to look both at the amount and type of crimes as well as consider whether there is an increasing or decreasing trend. 
  3. Check out the local schools. This is important for those people renting with kids as well as for buyers who want to keep resale value in mind. Homes near good schools, whether it is kindergarten or college, will always be in high demand. 

For more information about Charlotte’s many charming neighborhoods and help in selecting the right home in the right neighborhood, contact us today. Our team of skilled realtors will help find out your needs and future plans to guide you toward your ideal next property.


How to Make Small Rooms Feel Larger: Quality Property Management Advice

Whether you’re renting a trendy tiny house or a studio apartment, or you have a large home with some small rooms, these tips are for you! Interior designers, home stagers and quality property management firms use small-house decorating secrets to visually enlarge living space that’s a little too cozy. Today, we’re sharing some expert advice.

Expand Your Space Without Knocking Down Walls

Remodeling is expensive, inconvenient and sometimes impossible. Here’s what to do instead! Try these tips for living large in a small area:

• Use neutral or lighter tones: Quality property managers recommend neutral or light paint colors, including cream, bone, beige, pale yellow, bright white, gray or light charcoal for walls and/or ceilings. Choosing lighter-color furniture creates a fresh, clean look that feels open and airy. Stuck with a dark couch? Brighten with light, colorful throw pillows. Tone-on-tone is modern, so try lighter tones next to slightly darker shades of the same basic hue.
• Mirrors work magic: You can add a “window” or double your room size without doing construction. Mirrors can reflect great views from an opposite or adjacent window, while pulling extra light into the room or brightening a forgotten, dark corner.
• Be generous with breathing space: Leave lots of floor space (and wall space) empty, between furniture pieces or wall-art. This suggests extravagance—there’s no lack of space here! Many designers feel that hardwood or attractive tiled floors make rooms look larger. Large furniture is ok—but clean lines are preferred. Ideally, use one larger piece per room and coordinate other, smaller furnishings with it.
• Multi-purpose does the trick: Purchase nesting side tables for extra table space and tuck away when not needed. Find an ottoman that works as a coffee table, with hidden storage inside.
• Create built-ins: Sometimes only vintage homes have built-ins, so if necessary–create your own. Purchase corner china cabinets or ordinary bookshelves. Paint the same color as the wall, or one shade darker/lighter. Enjoy the custom made appearance that looks like an architectural feature.
• Choose pendant(s) or wall sconces: Light up your room without using valuable tabletop and floor space. Or opt for floor/table lamps with a small footprint.

If you’re renting out a smaller home or apartment as a landlord, or living in one as a renter, try our tips for small room style! For more expert advice, contact TR Lawing, Charlotte’s leaders in quality property management. Call us today!

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Road Construction on East 7th Street

Effective this Wednesday, May 17, and continuing for 6 weeks, Hawthorne Lane will becompletely closed between E. 5th Street and E. 7th Street.

Effective “before Memorial Day”, the entire intersection of E. 7th Street & Hawthorne Lane will be closed “for several weeks” according to the City of Charlotte.

As soon as the E. 7th Street/Hawthorne Lane intersection reopens (approximately July 1), demolition of the Hawthorne Lane bridge will begin and continue for 18 months … until January 2019.

While access to all local businesses & residences will be maintained at all times, work on the streetcar project will make it difficult for our prospects, residents, staff and vendors.

Please plan before traveling to our main office and our staff will do our best to keep all residents, potential customers, vendors and owners updated on any changes during road construction.

Thank you for your patience.



Realtors® Care Day

Realtors® from T. R. Lawing Realty have sponsored Realtors® Care Day every year since it was founded some 9  years ago.  In fact, Joe Rempson helped found the annual Charlotte area event that brings together hundreds of area Realtors®.

Thank you to everyone who painted, raked, hammered and worked on RCD homes during this year’s event.

For more information about Realtors® Care Day, click the link below to see Charlotte area Realtors® in action and towards the end you may even catch a glimpse of Propery Manager, David Kennedy hard at work.

Realtors Care Day 2017

Realtors Care Day



It only takes one storm to change your life and community.

Although hurricane season does not official begin for another 30 days, this is a good time to talk with your family about hurricane preparedness.

  • Determine your risk  …  Wind?   Water?   Loss of electricity?
  • Develop an evacuation plan
  • Assemble disaster supplies
  • Perform an insurance check-up, i.e., call your insurance agent & talk about homeowners insurance, repair vs replace, car, boat, etc


Tips for Maintaining a Good Relationship With Your Property Management Company

It is important to remember the following tips for maintaining a good relationship with your property management company. If you have hired them to protect your investment and assume the responsibility of taking care of the needs of your tenants, there are several things you must do to fulfill your end of the bargain.

Pay Your Fees on Time

Pay your property management fees on time and in full as they are incurred. Your fees are agreed upon when you sign your contract, as well as when they are due on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. If you have a question about your invoice, ask questions as soon as you get it. Don’twait until it is due.

Let Them Do Their Job

If you hire a property company to work for you, let them do their job. They are professional managers for a reason and understand how things work with the contracts and property maintenance schedules. If you have concerns, talk to the management team, but allow them to do their job. That’s what you pay them for.

Take Their Advice Into Consideration

When it comes to problems or issues with the property, listen to your manager’s advice. They are in the business of managing properties and understand how to professionally handle many difficult situations. Even though it is up to you to make the final decision, take their advice into consideration. It will save you time and money in the long run.

The above tips for maintaining a good relationship with your property management company will pay off in the long run, allowing you the benefit of profiting from your properties without the day to day headache of being a manager.



There are 2 federal laws that contain very serious & expensive penalties for property management if there is not 100% compliance.

Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act

Adverse Action Letters are required if:

  • Adverse action (i.e., denial) is taken based on whole or in part on information in a consumer report
  • Adverse action is taken on a completed rental application
  • Adverse action is taken on an incomplete rental application
  • Adverse action is taken if a counteroffer is made for credit and the applicant does not accept the counteroffer.

We never release credit reports to anyone, including the applicant or his/her spouse

  • Only Resolve Partners can release credit reports.
  • Refer all such requests/inquiries to Resolve Partners

Federal Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazards Action

For all dwellings built before 1978:

  • An EPA-approved information packet must be provided prior to signing a lease
  • Disclosure of any known information about lead-based paint prior to signing a lease.

There are no exceptions to these federal laws and the burden of proof rests with the property manager.  We at T. R. Lawing Realty work very diligently when dealing with rental applications, credit reports and/or dwellings built before 1978.

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Hawthorne Lane Road Closure Notice

Work on the CityLYNX Gold Line will continue on Hawthorne Lane soon

Beginning on Monday, March 27 (immediately after the Elizabeth 8K Road Race) and continuing for 2-1/2 weeks through Wednesday, April 12, Hawthorne Lane will be closed between Elizabeth Ave and E. 7th Street.   Local traffic will have access to Presbyterian Hospital, St. John’s Baptist Church, Caldwell Memorial Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth Traditional Elementary School and Hawthorne Recreation Center but Hawthorne Lane will be completely blocked from E. 5th Street to Park Drive.

The recommended detour will be Elizabeth Ave. – Charlottetowne Ave – E. 7th Street but all streets in our neighborhood will experience heavier traffic.




Renter’s Rights: What You Need To Know

If you are a renter in North Carolina, you should be aware of your rights before entering into a rental agreement. Having this knowledge will help you avoid entering into a contract where your rights might not be fully recognized.

A Limit on Security Deposits

The If you are renting a house or apartment on a month-to-month basis or for a term of more than two months, your landlord can charge you a security deposit of up to one and a half month’s rent. He or she may also charge you a reasonable nonrefundable deposit if you have pets. The landlord must also provide you with information as to the name and address of the bank where the security deposit is being kept.

Your security deposit must be returned within 30 days if you move from the rental property. Any reductions to your deposit because of damage to the property or monies owed to the landlord must be accounted for.

Withholding Your Rent Payment

You are within your rights to withhold a rent payment or deduct repair expenses from your rent if you have notified your landlord about an important needed repair through writing. He or she must make the repair, for example resolving a heat, hot water or plumbing issue within a reasonable amount of time.

Late Fees

You have up to five days to pay your rent before your landlord can charge you a late fee. This fee cannot be more than $15 or five percent of your rent payment, whichever amount is greater.

Termination and Eviction Rules

Your landlord cannot file for eviction until your rent is ten days late. You can avoid eviction proceedings by paying your rent or moving before that 10-day milestone is reached.

Protection from Landlord Retaliation 

Your rent cannot be raised in a discriminatory manner, for example if you are of a different race. A landlord also cannot raise your rent in retaliation if you report them to the local housing agency for a legitimate reason, including unsafe conditions or failure to make repairs.

Knowing your rights as a renter can help protect you against future conflicts with your landlord.

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T. R. Lawing Realty has been asked to be the featured property manager on a new distance-learning site in Charlotte.

Real Time Learn is a new venture of Steve Connell formally with the Superior School of Real Estate.

Hopefully, a large number of Realtors will see our video, featuring our President, Thomas R. Lawing, Jr. and learn something about the rental market and our rental application process.

Here is the link…

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