Moving to Charlotte, NC: Where to Live

Are you getting ready to move to Charlotte, NC? Like any city, Charlotte’s filled with plenty of neighborhoods that have their own unique personalities. Before you settle in, take a look at this Charlotte neighborhood guide to help you decide where to live.

Historic Homes in a Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Eastover in southeast Charlotte is known for the stunning historic homes notable to this part of the South. Tree-lined streets set the stage for hundred-year-old single-family homes throughout the neighborhood.

Eastover offers you freedom from the hustle and bustle of the city without forcing you to live in seclusion. Although happily situated as a suburb of Charlotte, this neighborhood is just minutes away from Uptown.

Notable Characteristic: Outstanding schools make this area ideal for families.

Getting Down in Uptown (or Downtown)

In most cities, downtown is the central business district, while uptown is often synonymous with highfalutin folks who dare not dwell where regular people reside.

Charlotte is quite the opposite for several reasons. In fact, in Charlotte, downtown is uptown. The central business district came to be known as uptown long ago because it’s the highest point of elevation in the city, meaning people are heading upwards no matter which direction they’re coming from.

Uptown is a vibrant neighborhood filled with outstanding museums, small tech startups, a good amount of Fortune 500s, phenomenal food and any type of entertainment you could imagine. It’s a smalltown downtown with a livable appeal.

Notable Characteristic: Unlike many other cities’ downtowns, Charlottesville’s Uptown neighborhood affords you an abundance of accommodation options, including high-rise condos and revitalized Victorian homes.

A City In A Suburb

Ballantyne is the neighborhood you’ll want to head to if you’re looking for brand new builds and tons of luxury amenities. Armed with its own PGA-ranked golf course, quality country club, and a vast array of eateries and recreation opportunities, Ballantyne is the type of neighborhood that’s really more of its own town.

Notable Characteristic: Ballantyne has become a business hub of Charlotte, meaning you can easily avoid the cluttered commute to downtown by finding a company within the community.

Let your Realtor get to know the true you. Once your Realtor has a handle on the things that really make you tick, he or she can help you hone in on the perfect pad, making it easy to learn where you should live when you move to Charlotte, NC!

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