Jump On The Bandwagon

This morning I woke up, checked my Facebook, and post after post said, “Roll Tide”!  For those of you who have missed the morning headlines, “Roll Tide” is the rally chant for the University of Alabama.  Bama beat LSU 21-0 last night to clinch the Bowl Championship Series.  I knew there was a game on last night; I didn’t watch the game, but my thoughts turned directly to my uncle (who bleeds crimson) and I had to give a shout out to his team’s success.  It’s a nice place to be, knowing the winning side of things.  It’s happy and playful.  You feel good.  As humans, we are wired to compete, even if our competing tends to be more of a discussion why my team is better than your team.  When you are able to prove the other guy wrong, it just makes things even better.  Roll Tide!! 

Every year at this time, the bandwagon starts up.  America’s favorite sports season (no debate needed) football is coming to a close. Many cities around the country are not swept up in playoff mania mainly because their team couldn’t find their mojo until the end of the season, when it was too late, and despite a strong rookie season for a fresh out of college superstar quarterback, the rest of the team refused to show up in the second half……uhm, sorry…..I meant that many franchises are shut down for the season and not everyone can be the winner.  As much as I love a good Super Bowl commercial, I really do love professional football and I can’t watch a game and not cheer for somebody.  So the bandwagon plays on, everyone jump!

Bandwagon fan  –  any fan who claims they are a fan of a particular team without prior support or interest in said team until they started winning.  This phenomenon usually occurs close to championship games such as the World Series, Super Bowl, etc.

Being a bandwagon fan comes with great benefits.  First, you don’t have to invest too much in the way of clothing.  Just wearing the team’s colors or something close to it is enough.  Also, cheap decorations and silly hats will be available closer to the big game.  If the team that you are cheering for loses, no skin off your nose.  You can easily dismiss the losing team by once again declaring your love for your original team of choice and changing the subject to your favorite commercial.  Secondly, being a bandwagon fan will keep you in the discussion.  Sure it takes a little research on your part so that you don’t sound like, well let’s face it, a bandwagon fan, but it is nice to still be included.

So, all you new Denver Bronco fans out there start practicing  your “tebowing” immediately and know how to properly execute it during a ballgame.  Don’t perfect it too soon though because the Super Bowl is still about four weeks away and that party trick won’t mean anything if the Broncos aren’t in the game.

See you on the bandwagon!!

Interesting fact:  The origin of the phrase “jump on the bandwagon” first appeared in American politics around 1848 when Dan Rice, a popular circus clown used his bandwagon (a wagon that carried the band in a parade or circus) and it’s music for his political campaign.  The spectacle was such a success that other politicians would literally jump on the bandwagon simply to associate themselves with him in a way to boost their campaigns.  By the 1900’s, bandwagon campaigning became standard but the phrase took a derogatory turn because of its implication that people would only associate themselves with a certain politician because of the flash and fun rather than forming a more informed opinion.  I guess not much has changed. 

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