How to Make Small Rooms Feel Larger: Quality Property Management Advice

Whether you’re renting a trendy tiny house or a studio apartment, or you have a large home with some small rooms, these tips are for you! Interior designers, home stagers and quality property management firms use small-house decorating secrets to visually enlarge living space that’s a little too cozy. Today, we’re sharing some expert advice.

Expand Your Space Without Knocking Down Walls

Remodeling is expensive, inconvenient and sometimes impossible (creating custom bathroom design, etc). Here’s what to do instead! Try these tips for living large in a small area:

• Use neutral or lighter tones: Quality property managers recommend neutral or light paint colors, including cream, bone, beige, pale yellow, bright white, gray or light charcoal for walls and/or ceilings. Choosing lighter-color furniture creates a fresh, clean look that feels open and airy. Stuck with a dark couch? Brighten with light, colorful throw pillows. Tone-on-tone is modern, so try lighter tones next to slightly darker shades of the same basic hue.
• Mirrors work magic: You can add a “window” or double your room size without doing construction. Mirrors can reflect great views from an opposite or adjacent window, while pulling extra light into the room or brightening a forgotten, dark corner.
• Be generous with breathing space: Leave lots of floor space (and wall space) empty, between furniture pieces or wall-art. This suggests extravagance—there’s no lack of space here! Many designers feel that hardwood or attractive tiled floors make rooms look larger. Large furniture is ok—but clean lines are preferred. Ideally, use one larger piece per room and coordinate other, smaller furnishings with it.
• Multi-purpose does the trick: Purchase nesting side tables for extra table space and tuck away when not needed. Find an ottoman that works as a coffee table, with hidden storage inside.
• Create built-ins: Sometimes only vintage homes have built-ins, so if necessary–create your own. Purchase corner china cabinets or ordinary bookshelves. Paint the same color as the wall, or one shade darker/lighter. Enjoy the custom made appearance that looks like an architectural feature.
• Choose pendant(s) or wall sconces: Light up your room without using valuable tabletop and floor space. Or opt for floor/table lamps with a small footprint.

If you’re renting out a smaller home or apartment as a landlord, or living in one as a renter, try our tips for small room style! For more expert advice, contact TR Lawing, Charlotte’s leaders in quality property management. Call us today!

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