Charlotte NC Houses For Rent

Charlotte NC is one of the most popular cities in the country. Part of the reason for this is its beautiful homes and friendly neighborhoods. Many people move to the area because of its visual appeal and rich history. This renewed interest in the area is causing many longtime residents to consider purchasing rental properties.

Charlotte NC Houses for Rent

Having Charlotte NC houses for rent can be a lucrative business if you understand what this type of investment involves. Each property you own can pay for itself within a few short years if you rent or lease it wisely. The right property in the right location can provide you with additional income that can be tucked away for your retirement or other special occasions.

Understanding the Role of a Residential Property Manager

If you own one or more homes in the Charlotte NC area, hiring a residential property manager to oversee the properties will ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment. They take on the responsibility of managing the financial aspect of the process as well as making sure the property is well cared for and functions efficiently on all levels. Not only do they care for the property, they also work to protect your rights as the property owner.

If you are looking to rent a home or own a home you would like to rent out in the Charlotte NC area, it’s in your best interest to work with a residential property manager to make sure you get the outcome you’re looking for. Trying to figure out the rental process on your own can be time-consuming and you may overlook key elements that could eventually cause you problems. Work with a professional and make sure your interests are taken care of.

Help Me Rent A House

If you go to a property manager in Charlotte, NC and say, “Help me rent a house!” They have the all the resources and tools to help you accomplish your goal. In order to get the house or apartment you want, you will need to work with them throughout the process.

Provide the Right Information

Before you say, “Help me rent a house!”, you need to know exactly what you want. While it’s important to have something definitive in mind, you should be somewhat flexible to increase your chances of finding a place you truly like. Know your price range as well as the number of bedrooms and baths you will need. Also, consider whether or not you want a yard or if a patio will suffice.

Be Consistent and Honest

Your property manager will line up several choice properties that fit your specific requirements. When you look at each one, be consistent. Be honest and upfront. Tell your manage exactly why you do or do not like the place. It’s also important that you don’t change your requirements. Always be consistent and stay within the range you provided.

Make Yourself Available

Remember that you aren’t your only property manager’s only client. If they are trying to work you into an already hectic schedule, make yourself as versatile as possible when it comes to viewing properties or making the arrangements. You may both have tight schedules, but with a little maneuvering, you should be able to find a time that mutually suits each of you.

Renting a home or an apartment is much easier when you have a qualified property manager working with you. When you’re ready to take the first step, set up an appointment and get the process underway. Your property manager will do the rest!

How to Find the Best Ballantyne NC Homes for Rent

Did you know that there is plenty of free, expert help available to speed your search for just the right NC rental home? When you’re looking for Ballantyne NC homes for rent, your best option is to work with an expert local residential property management company.

Personalize and Streamline Your Rental Home Search with a Property Management Pro

Professional, full-service property managers can cut the time you spend looking for the right rental home in half. Your property management firm can recommend properties that fit your Charlotte area rental home wish list and requirements. Your property management company can keep your rental home search organized and provide valuable guidance.

Find the Perfect Match for Free

Property managers excel at matching the right tenants with the right property and can then quickly facilitate the application process. Finding just the right house to rent in Ballantyne is simple and straightforward–when you have an experienced, knowledgeable property manager involved in the process. The top property management firms, like T.R. Lawing, don’t charge you a fee to see their listings or get valuable advice.

Seeking Ballantyne NC Homes for Rent? Don’t Go It Alone!

Looking for the right Ballantyne NC homes for rent can be frustrating, if you go it on your own. Without a property management company on your side, you’ll typically waste precious time driving around, calling properties blindly.

You’ll quickly discover that many “for rent” signs and rental home ads are misleading–or missing key details. Some signs even fail to mention the number of bedrooms, which is basic, essential information. You’ll find that many of your cold calls on ads or “for rent” signs are not returned promptly, or not returned at all.

One-Stop Shopping for Your Ideal Ballantyne NC Rental

When you consult an experienced property manager who knows the area, you can get all the important details about Ballantyne houses for rent, at once, and learn about all the neighborhoods that fit your needs up front.

Let the Experts at T. R. Lawing Help You Find Your NC Rental Home

At T. R. Lawing Realty, Inc., we’re ready to assist you in learning about Ballantyne NC homes for rent. We’ll help you locate the best place to call home in the Ballantine area, Charlotte’s hottest suburb. To get the rental home that fits your family perfectly, contact T. R. Lawing today!

Budget-Friendly: Single Family Homes for Rent in Charlotte NC

When looking for single family homes for rent in Charlotte NC, budget can be the first concern for you. Sticking with your budget will help you life the lifestyle you want to live for the term of your new lease.

Budgeting the Little Things

You will know your rent payment, but what else should you consider when budgeting for single family homes for rent in Charlotte NC? Consider transportation costs, how will you commute to work and how much will that impact your financial situation? Also, there are utilities that are sometimes paid by the owner/landlord and other times there are no utilities covered in your rent payment. How close to shopping and entertainment do you want your new home? This can have an impact on your budget and your time, if you have an active social life and are not used to traffic or driving far distances several times a week.

Consider the Job Market

Not only is commute to your current position a factor, but what if you want to change jobs? If you have a teen that is going to look for work in the future, sometimes it’s better to consider single family homes for rent in Charlotte NC, that is in a community that has jobs near by.

How Comfortable Do You Feel?

If you are in a good neighborhood and feel comfortable with the area, this will heighten your experiences and may cost you less for security measures. Feeling safe and being in a neighborhood with low crime can be a big relief for you and your family. This may require a bigger budget, a longer time searching or involving a property manager to help in your search for the right home.

When working on a budget, you should be concerned with money and expenditures first, but also consider long-term costs. Saving on a utility bill or two can help you stay in budget and increase what you are willing to pay in rent. Your new location is an important factor to make sure you are within what is an affordable price for you and what long term costs you may incur in the future. The most important consideration is that your lifestyle is positive in the budget-friendly home you acquire as a rental.

Important Tips Before Renting Out a House

If you’ve decided to consider renting out a house in Charlotte, NC, consider these tips before moving forward, so your home and investment in your home is protected.

Hire a Professional

A property management company can help, if you are short on time or the ability to navigate the rental market. They are able to screen candidates, give you advice on what to expect financially and will be there to make sure that anything that needs to be fixed in the home is delegated. There are also professional carpet services and cleaning services that will give your home that extra sparkle, as to attract more renters.

Require Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is inexpensive and will protect your renter’s property, as well as your investment. This will also insure that if something goes wrong it is more likely to be covered, if the owner and renter both have insurance.

Choose the Right Rental Price

If you don’t hire a professional company, do research in your area for rental prices. If your asking rent is too high, you may lose money waiting for someone willing to pay a higher price.

Consider Renting as Corporate Housing

Renting for shorter term, may not be ideal as corporate housing is usually a month to month, 3 month or 6 month lease, but the rent being paid on time is more of a guarantee. The renters are also usually backed by the company they work for, so it is less likely that they will mistreat your property.

Renting out a house requires a lot of consideration and attention to details. You should list your pros and cons and analyze if you will hire people to help or list your home alone. Requiring renters to have insurance and a background check, will help you spend less money on repairs and give you more of a long-term profit. Once you’ve considered these tips and made your decision to rent out a house, you should feel confident that you’ve spent time on the details and should find good renters.

Top 7 Neighborhoods in Charlotte

With inspiring cultural attractions, eccentric locals, extensive history and breathtaking scenery – it’s not surprising Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in America.

If you’re wondering where to live in Charlotte, NC – here’s the top 7 neighborhoods:

No. 1 – Eastover

Still known as one of Charlotte’s most sought-after neighborhoods, Eastover was the first suburb to create driveways for motorcars. And with this type of rich history and backstory, it tends to attract prominent community members and other high-ranking professionals.

No. 2 – Dilworth

With restyled bungalows, lively churches and relaxing parks, Dilworth is definitely worth checking out. And with the locally famous East Blvd. running right through the middle, you’re always just steps away from the best shopping, art galleries, pubs and restaurants.

No. 3 – The Arts District

Famous for its buzzing atmosphere and unique local hang-outs, The Arts District is one of Charlotte’s most dynamic and innovative neighborhoods. With a healthy mix of artists, musicians, bankers and other white-collar professionals, you’ll have no problem fitting in with this eclectic and diverse crowd.

No. 4 – The Loop

Also known as Center City, this neighborhood has a little something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a condo, loft or single-family home – you can find it at a price you can afford in this part of the city.

No. 5 – Plaza-Midwood

Established in the 1920′s, Plaza-Midwood has homes in nearly every price range. Even better, this part of the city provides the most diversity and adaptability to its residents. And with new businesses starting to thrive in area, it will be exciting to see the changes as this Charlotte neighborhood continues to evolve.

No. 6 – SouthPark

If you’re someone who loves to be feet away from the trendiest stores, latest designs and best fashions, this is definitely the place for you. But shopping isn’t all this modern neighborhood has to offer, you’ll also have easy access to entertainment, restaurants and diverse housing opportunities.

No. 7 – Ballantyne

As one of Charlotte’s newest editions, Ballantyne is an up-and-coming area offering the best of all worlds. A mix of condos, single-family homes, and townhouses – you have a wide choice of living experiences. And with dining, shopping and entertainment right around the corner, you’ll never be bored in this fresh suburban development.


3 Reasons to Consider Living in Downtown Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina is a big place. With more than 800,000 people living in the metro area, there are multiple neighborhoods and areas to choose from, including rural and suburban. But urban living in downtown Charlotte may be one of the best options if you are moving to the area. Here are three reasons why.

1. The Food

Since downtown Charlotte is actually on a hill, reigning regally over the rest of the metropolitan area, it’s actually called “uptown” rather than “downtown.” But whatever you choose to call it, this part of Charlotte has the best food, drinks and entertainment in all of North Carolina.

From the open atmosphere of Stoke, where you can see your chef prepare your meal right from your table, to the delectable offerings at Roosters and inside Duckworth’s at The Cellar, uptown Charlotte simply has amazing food. You can follow that up with dancing or hanging out with friends at some of the most well-loved bars and clubs like N.C. Music Factory, Connolly’s or Dixie’s Tavern.

2. The Arts

If you are living in uptown Charlotte, you also have access to some of the most amazing art venues anywhere in the south. There are plenty of museums, galleries and other interesting places to visit including The Joe & Joan Martin Center, which is perfect for kids, the Mint and Levine museums, both just a short walk or drive from anywhere if you are living in downtown Charlotte.

3. The Entertainment

If you are just looking for some good, old-fashioned fun, there is plenty in uptown that doesn’t involve the arts or food and drink as well. The NASCAR Museum is always worth a visit and during the hottest days of the year, many families virtually live at Ray’s Splash Planet, an indoor water park and sports complex that boasts plenty of things to do, wet or dry.

The bottom line is that there is just an astounding number of things you get instant access to when you are living in downtown Charlotte and you’ll love knowing that you’ve got a whole world of culture, food and entertainment right at your fingertips.

Where to Live Charlotte NC: Myers Park

Looking to move to the Queen City soon? If you are researching places where to live Charlotte NC, then one place that needs to be on your list is Myers Park. The Myers Park neighborhood is known as one of the city’s more distinguished and desirable addresses. This is an area known for its impeccable homes, tree-lined boulevards, and slow curving roads. Yet, while many of these homes are owner-occupied, if you are looking where to live in Charlotte NC you can still find a nice Myers Park home to rent via a property manager.

But before you do, consider the following aspects to see whether Myers Park is the right neighborhood for you:

  • Dominated by 1920s architecture. The primary home styles here are Colonial and Tudor Revival with a lot of Bungalow influences. If you love the look and feel of older homes, then Myers Park is a place to ask your realtor about. Although, it is important to note that these older homes involve a fair bit of renovations and as such the prices to rent here tend to be higher than in other areas in and around Charlotte, NC.
  • Close to big neighborhood parks. If you love being outdoors, then a Myers Park address in an ideal spot to be thanks to its close proximity to a number of Charlotte’s best parks. The Little Sugar Greenway, Edgehill Park, Booty Loop, and Freedom Park are just a few of the green spaces found in and near this neighborhood.
  • Near top restaurants. If you are a foodie and researching where to live Charlotte NC, then Myers Park is also a great place for you. Here, you are well within walking distance or have otherwise easy access to some of the city’s most delicious restaurants. Right on Montford Drive you’ll find a number of favorites like Good Food on Montford, The Roasting Company, Nolen Kitchen, and littleSpoon.

It really only takes one drive down under the trees of Queens Road West or one walk through one of Myers Park’s pocket parks to understand why this is one of the area’s most beautiful and sought after places to live. This is a place with highly acclaimed schools, beautiful parks, and delicious restaurants all waiting for residents without a short walking distance.

Are you ready to see what this historic neighborhood has to offer you? Contact our friendly property management team today.

Renting your investment house? What to do when the rent doesn’t show up.

Renting an investment home to tenants can be extremely beneficial for everybody involved. But there’s also several problems that can arise – perhaps the most common being late rent payments or no payment at all.

If you have found yourself in this situation, consider the following tips to resolve the issue with as little stress and hassle as possible:

No. 1 – Always Have a Plan 

Regardless of who your tenant is, you should have a clear and concise plan established well beforehand regarding how you will handle late rent payments. These terms should be outlined clearly in the written lease to ensure all parties involved understand exactly what is to be expected.

No. 2 – Post a Late Rent Notice

Depending on the grace period allowed by the lease, you should promptly post a late rent notice once this period is breached. This notice should include the total amount due and any late fees associated with the delay in payment.

No. 3 – Make a Phone Call

If the tenant hasn’t contacted you concerning their late payment, call them up on the phone to find out what is going on. Hopefully, the tenant will be available to take your call and you can resolve the issue with a simple conversation.

Many times, tenants plan to pay but are simply too overwhelmed with their financial situation to call you first. That’s why it’s always a good idea to keep the lines of communication open between you and your tenants.

No. 4 – Post an Eviction Notice

While it’s never a fun thing to do, if a tenant has shown no effort or good faith to pay you what they owe – it’s time to post a notice of eviction and/or attorney’s letter on their door. Ask your lawyer to prepare this letter for you to ensure it’s up to your state’s standards.

No. 5 – Take Legal Action

If after you have taken all of the steps listed above and your tenant still has not paid their rent, it will be time to take legal action against them as a last resort.

However, it’s important to realize eviction laws are tricky and going to court isn’t the easiest process – especially if this is the first time you’ve had to evict somebody. Consider hiring a lawyer who is highly skilled in eviction law to make the process as quick and painless as possible.