5 ways to get involved in your new community in Charlotte

eing new to a neighborhood can be a little scary, but it can also be quite exciting! When you’re new, everything else is new, too. There are experiences and acquaintances waiting for you to find them around every corner.

Here are five ways you can get involved in your new community in Charlotte:

1. Volunteer

It doesn’t matter where your passions lie or what you may be interested in doing, there’s bound to be a volunteer organizationthat can use your services. Find an organization or three that seem interesting, and set aside some time to donate to the cause. This is a great way to meet like-minded people while doing great things.

2. Take a Class

Explore something you’ve never done before by taking a class that’s open to the community. Classes and workshops are a great way to expand your horizons while simultaneously expanding your social circle.

3. Join a Group

LinkedIn is a great place to meet people who share similar professional interests. Join a few groups where people in similar roles, industries, or places in their professional development come together so you can bounce ideas off each other and learn how to network in your new city.

4. Be Neighborly

If you’ve never heard of NextDoor.com, this might be the perfect time to educate yourself. This social media platform is created specifically for neighborly bonding, helping to keep residents apprised of certain issues while alerting the community-at-large of awesome events and opportunities. Here, you’ll find out about neighborhood block parties, discover people who need services you may be able to offer, find otherwise unpublished volunteer opportunities, and get an overall sense of the people who live a few doors down from you.

5. Unite with a Religious Organization

Although religion isn’t for everyone, it can be a great place to turn if you’re feeling a little lost. Look for a congregation that fits your personal values, goals, and overall needs. Remember, you are not committed to joining any cause, so if the first place or two you try out isn’t a good fit, there’s probably something else out there that will be a better match.

The key to settling into your new Charlotte community is finding the perfect apartment for your lifestyle and budgetary needs. Employ the help of a skilled Realtor to ensure you land in a neighborhood that’s just right for your new start!

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