3 Reasons to Consider Living in Downtown Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina is a big place. With more than 800,000 people living in the metro area, there are multiple neighborhoods and areas to choose from, including rural and suburban. But urban living in downtown Charlotte may be one of the best options if you are moving to the area. Here are three reasons why.

1. The Food

Since downtown Charlotte is actually on a hill, reigning regally over the rest of the metropolitan area, it’s actually called “uptown” rather than “downtown.” But whatever you choose to call it, this part of Charlotte has the best food, drinks and entertainment in all of North Carolina.

From the open atmosphere of Stoke, where you can see your chef prepare your meal right from your table, to the delectable offerings at Roosters and inside Duckworth’s at The Cellar, uptown Charlotte simply has amazing food. You can follow that up with dancing or hanging out with friends at some of the most well-loved bars and clubs like N.C. Music Factory, Connolly’s or Dixie’s Tavern.

2. The Arts

If you are living in uptown Charlotte, you also have access to some of the most amazing art venues anywhere in the south. There are plenty of museums, galleries and other interesting places to visit including The Joe & Joan Martin Center, which is perfect for kids, the Mint and Levine museums, both just a short walk or drive from anywhere if you are living in downtown Charlotte.

3. The Entertainment

If you are just looking for some good, old-fashioned fun, there is plenty in uptown that doesn’t involve the arts or food and drink as well. The NASCAR Museum is always worth a visit and during the hottest days of the year, many families virtually live at Ray’s Splash Planet, an indoor water park and sports complex that boasts plenty of things to do, wet or dry.

The bottom line is that there is just an astounding number of things you get instant access to when you are living in downtown Charlotte and you’ll love knowing that you’ve got a whole world of culture, food and entertainment right at your fingertips.

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