What to Look for in a Real Estate Property Management Company

When you’re considering renting out your home, condo or a townhouse that you own, the expertise of a great property manager can save you time, money and headaches. Here’s how to identify a reliable real estate property management company. Choose a company that provides:

  • Thorough tenant screening: Experienced property managers know the latest background check techniques and can access the most reliable information about tenant applicants. Dedicated property managers check credit, rental histories and more. They are familiar with the hallmarks of terrific tenants. If eviction or disputes should arise, your property management company can save you the stress of dealing with the issues personally.
  • Legal compliance: The best RE property managers are well versed in local, state and federal regulations on housing discrimination, proper eviction procedures, collecting rents and deposits—and much more. Housing and landlord-tenant regulations are often complex for individual property owners to sort out. Get peace of mind by letting a property management expert handle it.
  • Contacts for maintenance efficiency: Your real estate property manager, if well-established in the community, has relationships with the best local renovation and repair professionals. This allows your property manager to negotiate money-saving contracts for repairs, cleaning and more.
  • Local area experience: The ideal property manager knows the area very well, from the county and city level, down to details about the specific Charlotte neighborhoods. This helps leasing agents fit the right tenant to the right property, which leads to stable and happy tenant relationships.
  • Marketing know-how: Top property management firms know how to get the word out and find the best renters, quickly. In addition, pro-active property managers and leasing agents can bring you innovative rental property marketing ideas to ensure you receive the most value from your property. Ideas like marketing/renting your property as corporate housing or making minor home upgrades that attract today’s renters.
  • Excellent communication skills: Be sure to choose a real estate property management company that is able to clearly explain their methods for managing the above duties and responsibilities. Your property management company should provide monthly rental property statements and address any questions or concerns you may have promptly.

T.R. Lawing is the leading Charlotte real estate property management company–in business for 60 years–and well known throughout the Carolinas. If you’re considering turning your property into a unique investment opportunity by renting it out, call on us for expert advice. Contact T.R. Lawing today.